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Difference Between School Admission and JAMB Admission

Candidates have become confused when their peers or older students list conditions like this:

  • Have you seen your admission on JAMB?
  • What of on the school portal?
  • JAMB admission supersedes that of school
  • It’s a school that offers admission, not JAMB
  • No, it’s JAMB that gives admission, not schools
  • A school admission is fake if you’re not offered by JAMB

These are some of the statements people make regarding admission by JAMB and Universities.

This post will help you clarify the differences, address some misunderstandings, and ease any confusion that your friends and family may have caused.

Is JAMB Admission Different From The School Admission?

It is very important that candidates should be able to check their admission status on both the JAMB and school portals. To place emphasis on this, JAMB admission letter and School admission letter are seperate documents to be printed differently as this is another way to confirm that JAMB admission is not the same as the admission offered by the university, polytechnic, or college of education.

We can confidently say that JAMB and school admissions work hand in hand. However, both JAMB and the school must offer admission to you differently. This means that if you receive an offer of admission from JAMB, you should also receive an offer from the intended school, specifically for the same course, on both platforms.

JAMB May Offer You Admission Before School Does and Vice Versa

  • JAMB may offer you admission before a school does
  • a school can also offer you admission before JAMB does

In any of these situations, there’s nothing wrong with one side offering admission before the other, you just have to wait for the other party to provide its admission offer. This is to say that if you already see your admission on JAMB or the school’s website, just be patient, no matter how long it takes, the school or JAMB will eventually offer you the same admission.

What If School Offers But JAMB Never

I’ve come across cases where schools grant you admission without JAMB giving the same; there are official admissions that may lead to this situation. The following types of admissions won’t be shown on the JAMB CAPS system. They are managed separately by the institutions providing them

  1. Direct Admission (Daily Part-time)DPT
  2. Regular Part-time
  3. Sandwich and Distance Learning
  4. Pre-degree
  5. Schools of Nursing and Colleges of Health
  6. IJMB, JUPEB, and Similar A’level Programmes

JAMB has warned those seeking admission not to accept offers that don’t appear on CAPS. However, this warning doesn’t apply to any of the types of admissions mentioned earlier.

The instruction only applied to candidates who were seeking full-time admission for Degree programs or ND/NCE programs.

For any full-time admission, candidates must be offered both on the school and the JAMB portal.




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