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Here are some coined Questions and Answers from the text “The Life Changer”. From the objectives answers provided in each question below, any objective option marked with the symbol ✅ indicates that it’s the correct option for that particular question.


The Life Changer Possible Jamb Questions And Answers

  1. Who published the book “THE LIFE CHANGER”
    a. Bolaji Abdullahi
    b. A.H Mohamed
    c. Khadijat Abubakar Jalli ✅
    d. Hammed Jalli
  2. The novel is divided into how many chapters
    a. 7
    b. 8
    c. 9 ✅
    d. 10
  3. In the novel it was stated that __ is the second to English in the ranking of
    international languages
    A. Mathematics
    B. French ✅
    C. Social Studies
    D. None of the above
  4. first question the teacher asked was “who can tell me how to say______ in
    A. I love you
    B. Good morning ✅
    C. Stand up
    D. Go out
  5. Who was Bint telling the story of her classroom encounter with their
    meddlesome social studies teacher the previous week
    A. Ummi
    B. Omar
    C. Her two sisters ✅
    D. Her sister
  6. In the novel, “good morning” in french means
    A. Banjour
    B. Bonjur
    C. Bonjoo
    D. Bonjour ✅
  7. “And how do you say that’s very good in french, who asked this question.
    A. The teacher
    B. The French Mistress
    C. Bint ✅
    D. None of the above
  8. “Cest tres being” in English means
    A. Good
    B. That’s very good ✅
    C. That’s very bad
    D. Good morning
  9. Bint immediate elder sister is _
    A. Jamila ✅
    B. Omar
    C. Ummi
    D. Teemah
  10. Between Omar and Bint there is such great affinity that no one dare __ at
    her intransigence
    A. Frown ✅
    B. Hissed
    C. Look
    D. None of the above
  11. Who was the first child in Bint family.
    A Jamila
    B. Omar ✅
    C. Ummi
    D. Salihu
  12. Ummi means _ in the novel
    A. Dad
    B. Sister
    C. Mummy ✅
    D. Uncle..
  13. Who insisted on calling Ummi mum
    B. Jamila
    C. Mallam Salihu
    D. Omar ✅
  14. “au revoir” means _ in the novel
    A. Welcome
    B. Goodbye ✅
    C. Good morning
    D. Good
  15. Who is the second child of the family.
    A. Bint
    B. Jamila
    C. Teemah ✅
    D. Omar
  16. Omar was dressed in _ jean and _ shirts when he went to greet his mom
    in the morning
    A. White and blue
    B. Blue and white ✅
    C. White and black
    D. Blue and black
  17. How old was Omar when he gained admission into the university
    A. 19
    B. 18 ✅
    C. 20
    D. 21
  18. Omar was given admission to study __at the Kongo Campus of Ahmadu
    Hello University, Zaria
    A. Pharmacy
    B. Medicine and Surgery
    C. Law. ✅
    D. Computer Science
  19. Who was Omar immediate younger sister
    A. Bint
    B. Teemah ✅
    C. Jamila
    D. None of the above
  20. The first daughter in the family is _
    A. Teemah ✅
    B. Bint
    C. Jamila
    D. Omar
  21. “Just call yourself Omar Esquire” _ said
    A. Bint
    B. Jamila
    C. Ummi
    D. Teemah ✅
  22. Bint Father read________
    A. Law
    B. Accounting ✅
    C. Pharmacology
    D. None of the above
  23. Who did Omar called blabbermouth
    A. Bint
    B. Teemah ✅
    C. Jamila
    D. Ummi
  24. Who promised to upgrade Omar touch light phone to a smart android phone
    A. Dad. ✅
    B. Mum
    C. His sister’s
    D. Mistress
  25. Let’s go outside and sit under the mango tree in the courtyard” _ said
    A. Mum
    B. Omar
    C. Jamila ✅
    D. Bint
  26. While they tropped out and went to the courtyard, white plastic chairs were
    already there, __ and _ began dusting them with an old piece of clothing
    A. Omar , Bint
    B. Bint, Teemah
    C. Bint, Jamila ✅
    D. Omar, Jamila
  27. “I want to drink zobo” _ said
    A. The last daughter ✅
    B. The first daughter
    C. The first male child
    D. Bint immediate elder sister
  28. Ummi community name is called _
    A. Lafeyette
    B. Lafayette ✅
    C. Lafayete
    D. None of the above
  29. Omar scored _ credits including English and Mathematics at the very
    first attempt in his WAEC Examination
    A. 8
    B. 7 ✅
    C. 5
    D. 9
  30. Who is always looking for Omar trouble
    A Bint
    B. Teemah ✅
    C. Jamila
    D. Ummi
  31. Who used to say “what you teach a child is like writing on a hard rock and
    when dried it would be difficult to erase”
    ✅: Ummi’s Grandmom
  32. Omar scored __ in his JAMB
    A. 230 ✅
    B. 240
    C. 210
    D. 250
  33. The _was the life changer for Omar
    A. Passing his weac result
    B. Admission ✅
    C. Passing the Jamb
    D. None of the above
  34. Omar mother was a/an_______
    A. Lawyer
    B. Accountant
    C. Teacher ✅
    D. Pharmacist
  35. Who did the social studies teacher call on to help him answer Bint’s questions?
    ✅: He asked the French Mistress who often teaches the senior classes to help him
    answer Bint question
  36. What time does Ummi’s husband usually close from work
    A. 8pm
    B. 5pm ✅
    C. 4pm
    D. 7pm
  37. Why didn’t Ummi tell her children a story about her experience in the
    ✅: Because she felt they were much to young to know about life on campus,
    especially her own experience
  38. Why did Omar have to wait two days before checking his admission status
    ✅: Because he didn’t have a smartphone unlike his friends who has checked their
    immediately using smartphone
  39. Who did Ummi describe as a tall, attractive and busty lady with fair
    ✅ Salma
  40. Where did Ummi and Salma first meet?
    ✅: They met at the Faculty Registration Office
  41. Ummi visit the HOD shortly after her registration in order to get her_____&
    A. Student ID card
    B. Matric number ✅
    C. Matric gown
    D. None of the above
  42. Ummi’s H.O.D name is _
    A. Dr Samuel John
    B. Dr Samuel Johnson ✅
    C. Samuel Johnson
    D. Sam Johnson
  43. How many students had the HOD interviewed before he attended to ummi
    A. 1
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. None ✅
  44. Ummi’s matric number is
    A. UP0001
    B. UG0001 ✅
    C. UG00001
    D. UG0002
  45. What tribe is Dr Samuel Johnson from.
    A. Yoruba ✅
    B. Igbo
    C. Hausa
    D. None
  46. What was the agreement between Ummi’s Father and ummi before she
    A. She should get married before she graduate ✅
    B. She should get married after her graduation
    C. Marry before registration
    D. None of the above
  47. The people of______ were happy that their daughter ummi, was going to the
    ✅: Lafayette
  48. In my school for just wearing the wrong colour of sandals you would be sent
    home _said
    A. Bint ✅
    B. Omar
    C. Ummi
    D. Teemah
  49. Money moves mountain_____said
    A. The young man
    B. Salma ✅
    C. Dr Samuel Johnson
    D. Tomiwa
  50. Salma full name is_______
    A. Salma ahmed
    B. Salma hammed
    C. Salma Mulhammed
    D. Salma mohammed ✅
  51. Ummi full name is _
    A. Ummi ahmed
    B. Ummi Ahmad ✅
    C. Ummi Mohammed
    D. Ummi hammed
  52. Was Ummi wearing her hijab at the HOD office
    A. Yes
    B. No ✅
    C. I don’t know
    D. None of the above
  53. Another name for the tricycle in the novel is __
    ✅: Keke Napep
  54. Who assisted Ummi’s husband with Ummi admission
    ✅ Dr Samuel Johnson
  55. Which story were Ummi’s girls seemed eager to hear?
    A. Her university experience
    B. The quiet one ✅
    C. How she behave in the HOD office
    D. How salma was sent out the school
  56. In Lafayette, the District head is known as __
    ✅ Hakimi
  57. In Lafayette, the tradition had since been established that no stranger was
    hosted or given accomodation without the knowledge and the approval of the__
    A. Hakimi
    B. Community leader
    C. District Leader
    D. A and C ✅
  58. Who was called the quiet one?
    A. Talle ✅
    B. Zaki
    C. Hakimi
    D. The Courtier
  59. Talle was not called the quiet one at birth?
    A. True ✅
    B. False
    C. I don’t know
    D. None
  60. How old was Talle when he lost both his father and stepmother
    A. 20 ✅
    B. 18
    C. 19
    D. 22
  61. Talle father and step mother died of _
    A. Disease
    B. Car accident ✅
    C. Sickness
    D. None of the above
  62. He was called Talle on account that shortly after his birth, his __ died
    A. Stepmother
    B. Father
    C. Boka
    D. Mother ✅
  63. From what time to which time does Talle go to work at the local government
    A. 8am – 4pm ✅
    B. 6am -5pm
    C. 8am – 3pm
    D. 2pm – 5pm
  64. Talle served as a __ at the local government office
    A. Caterer
    B. Barber
    C. Driver ✅
    D. Carpenter
  65. How does Talle got the appellation of the quiet one?
    ✅ He was so dedicated to his piety that people actually believed that there was
    something about him that indicated holiness. Talle never argued on any issues; he
    hardly disagreed with anyone even if he was right he never raised his voice on
  66. How many police vans came to stop outside the District head gate.
    A. 3 ✅
    B. 2
    C. 4
    D. 5
  67. “Innalillahi wa Inna ilaihir raji’un” __ said
    A. The Hakimi
    B. The Courtier ✅
    C. The police man
    D. Zaki
  68. How many times did Talle fainted in the Hakimi residence
    A. Once
    B. Twice ✅
    C. Three times.
    D. He never fainted
  69. One there, the policemen followed Talle into the house and shortly day after
    came out with a young boy of no more than _ years old
    A. 12
    B. 13 ✅
    C. 11
    D. 10
  70. the boy that was drugged and kidnap spent _week/weeks in Talle house
    before the police came and freed the boy.
    A. 1 ✅
    B. 2
    C. 3
    D. None
  71. What was the initial price the kidnappers demanded for
    A. 200000
    B. 1 million ✅
    C. 250000
    D. None
  72. __ was arrested at the point of collecting the Ransom
    A. Talle
    B. Zaki ✅
    C. Both
    D. I don’t know
  73. The kidnappers Ransom price later came down from 1 million to
    A. 250000 ✅
    B. 500000
    C. 1.5 million
    D. 300000
  74. Wow, that is some story, mum __ said
    A. Bint
    B. Teemah
    C. Jamila
    D. Omar ✅
  75. If he likes, let him trust everybody _said
    A. Ummi
    B. Bint
    C. Teemah ✅
    D. Jamila
  76. What drove Salma out the university
    A. Exam Malpractice ✅
    B. Tested positive for drug abuse
    C. Both A and C
    D. Look done on Dr dabo
  77. Who is that no-nonsense lecturer who never allowed students into his class
    once he was there before them.
    A. Dr Samuel Johnson
    B. Dr Debo
    C. Dr Dabo. ✅
    D. Dr Sam john
  78. Salma is from the __
    A. South
    B. North ✅
    C. South West
    D. East
  79. How many girls were in Salma room
    A. 3 ✅
    B. 2
    C. 4
    D. 2
  80. Who is from Umunze in imo state
    A. Tomiwa
    B. Ada
    C. Ngozi ✅
    D. Salma
  81. Ada is from _
    A. Benue state ✅
    B. Imo state
    C. Anambra
    D. None of the above
  82. What is the name of Salma hostel
    A. Moremi hall
    B. Queen Amina hall. ✅
    C. Kofo hall
    D. None of the above
  83. One among the following options is true of why Salma did not want to stay in
    the room
    A. Because the poster wasn’t beautiful
    B. It was the famous Queen Amina hall
    C. It was every female students dream
    D. The composition of a roommates ✅
  84. Who was the brightest in Salma room and perhaps in her class
    A. Ada
    B. Tomiwa ✅
    C. Ngozi
    D. Salma
  85. What was tomiwa’s ambition
    A. To become a dancer
    B. To become a cleaner
    C. To become a singer ✅
    D. None of the above
  86. Who did Salma became close to in the room all because she was in the know of
    the latest and craziest fashion outfits.
    A. Ada
    B. Ngozi
    C. Tomiwa ✅
    D. None
  87. Who would never cook for just herself alone whether her roommates ate or not.
    A. Ngozi ✅
    B. Ada
    C. Salma
    D. Tomiwa
  88. What was Tomiwa’s was village food for the Kings
    A. Rice
    B. Infinite jollof
    C. Snail ✅
    D. Pounded yam
  89. __ on her own only introduced her roommates to the danwake delicacy
    A. Salma ✅
    B. Ada
    C. Ngozi
    D. Tomiwa
  90. _ and __ were muslims
    A. Salma and Ada
    B. Salma and Tomiwa ✅
    C. Ada and Ngozi
    D. None of the above.
  91. Who was behind the wheel as he changed to drive from kwangila to Ahmad
    Bello University.
    A. Habib
    B. Labaran ✅
    C. Salihu
    D. None.





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