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2024 JAMB CBT Expo: Score 350 and Above With These Secret Expo Tips

So, you want to absolutely crush the 2024 JAMB CBT exam, right? You want to walk into that exam hall confident that no matter what questions come up, you’ve got this. Well, my friend, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to share some insider tips and tricks that will have you scoring 350 and above, guaranteed.


The JAMB CBT is tough, no doubt about it. But with the right preparation and some strategic expo, you can outsmart that exam. Over the next few minutes, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to get an amazing score. Pay close attention, take notes if you need to, because these tips are proven and effective. If you follow our advice, come next year this time you’ll be well on your way to gaining admission into your school of choice. The JAMB CBT won’t know what hit it!

Understanding JAMB CBT and Why You May Want an Expo

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board or JAMB CBT is Nigeria’s official exam you’ll need to pass to get into university. The CBT stands for Computer Based Test, meaning the exam is taken on a computer.

With over 1.5 million students competing for limited university spots every year, the competition is fierce. Many students look to “expo” or leaked exam questions and answers to get an edge. An expo can increase your chances of scoring 350 or higher to get into top schools like University of Ibadan, University of Lagos or Covenant University.

To understand why an expo may be tempting, you first need to know how tough the JAMB CBT is. The exam tests a wide range of subjects – English, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The questions often require critical thinking to solve, not just rote memorization. With only a short time to complete each section, the pressure is on.

Scoring high is vital not just to get into a good university but also to qualify for scholarships to help pay for it. With the high stakes and challenging nature of the exam, many see an expo as the only way to overcome the odds stacked against them.

Of course, using an expo is considered cheating and unethical. If caught, your exam scores may be canceled, banning you from applying to universities that year. However, some still view the risk of using an expo worth the reward of gaining admission to their top choice school.

Whether or not you choose to use an expo is a personal decision. But understanding why the JAMB CBT exam is so difficult can help you better prepare to score high and get into the university of your dreams. With hard work and the right study techniques, you can overcome this challenge and achieve amazing things!

The Risks and Consequences of Using a JAMB Expo

Using a JAMB expo may seem like an easy way out, but there are risks and consequences you should consider first.

Getting caught cheating

If caught with expo materials during your exam, your results will be canceled immediately. Not only will you lose the opportunity to get into the university of your choice this year, but you may face legal consequences as well. Is it really worth the risk?

Lack of real knowledge

An expo can only provide answers, it can’t give you an understanding of the subject matter. You’ll be unprepared for the challenges of university classes without a solid knowledge base. Studying and practicing are the only ways to truly learn and grow.

Damaging your integrity

Cheating erodes your integrity and self-esteem in the long run. You’ll always wonder if you could have succeeded on your own merit. It’s so much more empowering when you can look back and say you earned your place in university through hard work and determination.

Missing out on key skills

The skills you develop by properly studying and preparing for exams – time management, focus, perseverance – will benefit you for life. Relying on an expo deprives you of the opportunity to strengthen those skills.

While the temptation may be great, consider what you stand to lose by cheating on your JAMB exam. Your future success depends on the dedication and effort you put in now to build knowledge and skills that will serve you well for years to come. Focus on studying, use past questions to practice, and go into your exam with confidence in yourself!

Tips for Scoring High on JAMB CBT Without an Expo

To score high on JAMB CBT without relying on expo, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Study the JAMB Syllabus and Topics

The JAMB syllabus outlines all the topics you need to study for each subject. Focus on understanding the topics and concepts, not just memorizing facts. The questions on the exam will test your understanding of these topics.

  • Review the syllabus and list of topics for each subject. Make sure you know them inside and out.

Practice with Past Questions

Past questions provide the best practice for the JAMB CBT. Work through questions from at least the past 10 years.

  • Notice the types of questions asked and how the options are structured. This will prepare you for what to expect on the actual exam.
  • Time yourself to get used to the pacing. Aim to answer all questions in the allotted time.
  • Review the questions you get wrong to strengthen your knowledge in those areas.

Develop a Regular Study Schedule

Studying in short bursts over time is much more effective than cramming at the last minute. Create a study schedule at least 2-3 months before the exam and stick to it.

  • Aim for 3-4 hours of studying per day, 4-5 days a week. Take short breaks to stay focused.
  • Focus on one or two topics per study session so you can learn thoroughly without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Try re-writing or teaching the topics to someone else. This helps cement your understanding.

Practice Proper Exam Technique

Learn strategies for choosing the best option even if you’re unsure of the answer. Eliminate incorrect options, make an educated guess, or at least narrow down to two options.

  • Stay calm and pace yourself. Don’t get stuck on any one question. Leave it blank if unsure and come back to it later.
  • Read all options carefully before choosing your answer. Look for qualifiers like “always” or “never” which often indicate an incorrect option.

With diligent preparation using these tips, you’ll feel confident going into the JAMB CBT and will have the knowledge and skills needed to score high, with or without expo. Stay focused on understanding the topics and you’ll do great!

Alternatives to Expo: Legit Ways to Improve Your JAMB Score

Instead of relying on expo, there are legitimate ways to improve your JAMB score. Focus on adequate preparation to get the score you need.

Study Past Questions

Past JAMB questions are one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. Work through questions from the past 5-10 years to get familiar with the format and content. Pay attention to common themes and topics that frequently appear. Some questions may even be repeated verbatim, so memorizing past questions is a great strategy.

Read Recommended Textbooks

JAMB recommends certain textbooks for each subject. Study these books cover to cover to ensure you know the material inside and out. Reading the actual textbooks, not just summaries, is key. This will expose you to examples, illustrations and in-depth explanations that may appear on the exam.

Take Practice Tests

Simulate the real JAMB CBT experience by taking timed practice tests. This helps you get comfortable with the computer-based format and experience. Work on your pacing to ensure you have enough time for all questions. Review the answers and explanations to reinforce your understanding. Many websites offer free JAMB CBT practice tests and exam prep materials.

Focus on Your Weak Areas

Don’t just study what you already know well—focus on strengthening your weak areas. Review course materials and topics you struggled with during the year. Ask your teachers or a tutor for extra help on these challenging subjects. The more you practice, the more confident and prepared you will feel on exam day.

Develop a Study Schedule

Studying in a haphazard, unorganized fashion will not prepare you adequately for this high-stakes exam. Develop a realistic schedule to review materials, practice questions, and simulate the actual exam experience in the months leading up to JAMB. Break down topics and subjects into manageable chunks to study over time, rather than cramming at the last minute. With diligent preparation over several months, you can achieve your target score without relying on expo.


So there you have it, your blueprint to scoring 350 and above in the 2024 JAMB CBT. Follow these proven expo tips and you’ll be well on your way to acing the exam. Stop stressing and start preparing. The key is to focus on practicing with real past questions, studying the syllabus and content areas thoroughly, and going into the exam confident and ready to dominate. You’ve got this – now get to work! The future is yours to shape, so make the most of this opportunity and go get that high score. Best of luck!



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