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After IJMB, JUPEB, (A’Level), What’s Next?

A’ level programmes are becoming widely recognized and accepted in recent times owing to the fact Candidates are using this method to overcome the challenges posed by JAMB. And with this program, they can completely bypass the first year (100 level) in universities, and by the end of the 9-month program, they enter directly into the second year (200 level); This is what we call “Direct Entry”.

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In this post, I’ll explain what comes next and what you should do if you choose an A’level program and complete it.

During their A’level program, many students will get the Direct Entry form

While it’s normal for IJMB or JUPEB students to get the JAMB Direct Entry form after they receive their final results and know their total points, many candidates actually prefer to obtain the Direct Entry form during their programs or towards to the end. This choice often depends on when the JAMB DE form for that particular year becomes available.

They know that waiting might lead to the DE form being closed officially, which would mean they’d have to wait another year.

But if a Cambridge, IJMB, or JUPEB student chooses to get the DE form during their program or before getting the final result, they can use “awaiting results” (AR) when registering at CBT centers or the JAMB office.

luckily, most universities accept “awaiting results” for Direct Entry applicants, similar to JAMB UTME applicants. But candidates in this situation need to go to the nearest CBT center as soon as their results are available to upload them to the JAMB portal before they can be considered for admission.

When you have A’level results, go ahead and get the Direct Entry (DE) form

Usually, all A’level graduates are expected to get their Direct Entry (DE) forms as soon as their results are ready.

In simpler terms, if you’ve not used “awaiting results,” you should get the Direct Entry form for the year that comes after your results are released.

Fortunately, A’level results, just like the O’level results don’t expire.You can always use the same result (score) for obtaining the next Direct Entry form, and if that doesn’t get you admission, you can get the DE form for the next year, and so on.

NABTEB Advanced Level is No Longer Accepted for Direct Entry

if you already have a NABTEB A’level result, you can use it for other purposes, including job applications. Those planning to get the form or enroll in the program should also keep this in mind.

NABTEB A’level certificates are usually recognized for technical and engineering jobs, like at Nigeria Breweries (based on personal experience). To these employers, the certificate is seen as equal to a National Diploma (ND) from polytechnics and colleges of technology.

Once you have obtained Direct Entry, proceed to do Post Direct Entry

Just as most JAMB UTME applicants will be subjected to the after-UTME entrance test, popularly called “post-UTME”, some universities will equally test their DE applicants using the same means.

For example, Federal University of Technology, University of Ilorin, and a few others still require DE applicants to take post-DE tests as of now.

For most of these universities, applicants just need to fill out their application forms online and aren’t required to attend any exams. The approach differs between universities that hold post-UTME exams and those that do not (i.e. for UTME candidates, where some universities conduct post- UTME and others do just physical screening).

Submit your A’level results or transcripts to the universities you’re interested in

In addition to uploading your IJMB, JUPEB, or Cambridge results to the JAMB portal, as mentioned before, DE applicants usually need to send their results or transcripts to the universities they want to attend.

Some universities might make this clear by telling applicants in their post-DE advertisements to ask their exam bodies to send in their transcripts to the universities they want to apply to.

But some universities might not mention this in their instructions. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send your transcripts to them; you should still do it. It will definitely help you!

Expect Admission, and if it’s granted, complete other required steps

If you’ve followed all the necessary steps with your JAMB and post-DE applications, you should be on the lookout for admissions.

There is a need to be the following and checking admission directly on the school and JAMB portal.

If offered, Congratulations!

Next, you’ll have to confirm your acceptance on both the JAMB and school portals, and then print your admission letters from both places. Following that, you’ll need to make the acceptance payment.

Wishing you Luck..



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