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Cracking JAMB 2024: Likely Questions and Answers to Prepare Students

Hey there, high school senior. The JAMB exam is coming up fast in 2024 and no doubt you’re starting to feel the pressure. How do you prepare for an exam that covers pretty much everything you’ve learned over the past few years? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll give you the inside scoop on the types of questions that frequently appear on JAMB, the topics they focus on, and sample answers to help you practice.

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With some targeted studying using these likely questions and model answers, you’ll be more than ready to crack the JAMB. This exam may feel overwhelming, but by preparing strategically you can walk in with confidence, ready to show the examiners how much you’ve learned. Stay calm and focused, you’ve got this! Now, let’s dive into those questions and answers so you can start studying like a pro. The key to crushing the JAMB is preparation, and preparation starts right here.

Understanding the JAMB Exam Format

To crack the JAMB exam, you need to understand its format and structure. The exam comprises of multiple-choice questions from four subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

English Language

This section contains 50 questions testing your reading comprehension, lexical, grammatical and phonetic knowledge. You’ll get passages from which questions will be set. Be prepared for questions on synonyms, antonyms, précis, spelling, pronunciation, idiomatic expressions, etc.


The math section also has 50 questions covering topics like algebra, mensuration, trigonometry, statistics, geometry, and calculus. Make sure you are familiar with formulas, can do quick mental math calculations, and understand various number systems, ratios, percentages, fractions, functions, theorems, etc. Practice plenty of sample questions to get a feel of the pattern.


The physics segment comprises of 50 objective questions on mechanics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, optics, waves, and modern physics. Know your laws of motion, units of measurement, forces, energy equations, properties of matter, types of waves, lenses and mirrors, electric circuits, etc. Understanding concepts and theories is key.


Like the other sections, chemistry also has 50 questions based on physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and analytical chemistry. Be prepared for questions on elements, compounds and mixtures, periodic table, chemical equations and reactions, acids and bases, mole concept, chemical bonding, organic compounds, separation techniques, etc. Gaining a strong foundation in fundamentals will help you succeed.

The total duration of the exam is 2 hours 30 minutes. With adequate preparation and practice of past questions, you can confidently crack the JAMB exam. The secret is starting early, understanding the format and syllabus, revising thoroughly, practicing consistently and avoiding guesswork. You’ve got this! Stay focused and keep your eyes on the goal.

Reviewing Past JAMB Questions and Answers

Reviewing past JAMB questions and answers is one of the most effective ways to prepare for the exam. Going over previous years’ questions helps you get familiar with the format and structure of the exam. You’ll also get a sense of the topics and types of questions that frequently appear.

Focus on your weak areas

Go through the past questions and identify topics or subjects you struggle with. Pay extra attention to those areas while studying. Work through as many questions as possible from those sections. The more practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel with the material.

Notice any patterns

Look for any trends in the types of questions asked. See if there are certain formats, like multiple choice, fill in the blanks or essay questions that appear more often. Expect those types of questions to show up again and be ready for them. Some subjects may also be tested more heavily. Make sure you devote enough time to studying those topics.

Learn the right way to answer

Pay attention to the answers and explanations provided. Learn the correct way to respond to different types of questions. For math or science questions, see examples of how to show your work. For verbal or reading comprehension questions, read through sample high-scoring answers to understand what is expected.

Time yourself

Work through the past questions under timed conditions. This helps you get accustomed to the timing pressures of the actual exam. You’ll learn strategies to improve your pacing and avoid time crunches. If needed, you can focus your studying on becoming more efficient and speedy.

Using past JAMB questions to prepare is extremely useful. While the questions may change each year, the format and knowledge tested remains largely the same. Going over previous exams gives you an idea of what to expect and builds your familiarity and comfort level with the material. With enough practice, you’ll head into the exam room feeling well-prepared and confident in your ability to achieve a high score.

Focusing on Frequently Tested Topics

To crack JAMB, you need to focus on the topics that frequently appear in the exams. Some of the commonly tested areas include:

Verbal Reasoning

Questions on synonyms, antonyms, comprehension passages, logical reasoning and proverbs often come up. Make sure you build up your vocabulary and practice plenty of reading comprehension exercises. Know common proverbs and their meanings as well.

Quantitative Reasoning

Brush up on your math skills, especially areas like number systems, ratios, percentages, geometry, statistics, and probability. Work through many practice questions to get familiar with the format and level of difficulty.

Current Affairs

Stay up to date with happenings in Nigeria and around the world. Read newspapers, listen to news broadcasts and follow reputable media organizations online. Topics like politics, sports, entertainment, science, and technology often crop up.

General Knowledge

Review subjects like history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, economics, and literature. Know facts about Nigeria’s history, cultures, tourism, natural features and resources. Study how government and political systems work. Be aware of the latest scientific discoveries and accomplishments.


Work through past papers to get a sense of the type and number of questions to expect. Focus on the science and art subjects as well as any pre-requisites for your preferred course of study. Use JAMB CBT practice software like the JAMB CBT mobile app to simulate the real exam experience.

Preparing well across these areas will boost your chances of excelling in the JAMB exams. While the questions may vary from year to year, building a strong foundation in verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, current affairs, and general knowledge will equip you with the skills and knowledge to tackle any questions that come your way. Stay determined and keep practicing—you’ve got this!

Practicing With JAMB 2024 Sample Questions

Practicing with sample JAMB questions from previous years is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. Work through questions from at least the past 3-5 years to get familiar with the format and content.

Subject Area Questions

Go through questions from English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Geography, Agriculture, etc. See what kinds of questions come up frequently in each subject. For English, study comprehension passages and the types of questions asked. For Math, practice quadratic equations, geometry, statistics, etc. For Sciences, know definitions, formulas, and processes.

General Paper Questions

The General Paper tests your critical thinking and writing skills. Review sample essays and see the kinds of topics that are given. Practice writing persuasive essays on current affairs and abstract topics within the given time frame. Build a bank of possible essay outlines that you can adapt to various questions.

Objective Questions

A large portion of JAMB comprises multiple choice objective questions. Work through many objective past questions to get speed and accuracy. Guess logically for questions you don’t know by eliminating wrong options. Review the JAMB syllabus to know which topics the questions will come from.

Time Management

One of the biggest challenges of JAMB is completing all questions within the time limit. When practicing, time yourself to get faster at answering questions. For the essay, aim to finish within 35-40 minutes so you have time to review. For objectives, practice solving at least 60 questions in 1 hour.

With diligent practice of these sample questions, you’ll walk into the JAMB exam room with confidence, ready to show the knowledge and skills you’ve built up over your preparation period. Stay focused, follow instructions carefully, and all the best! You’ve got this.

Test-Taking Strategies and Tips for Success

When it comes to cracking JAMB, having effective test-taking strategies and tips can make a big difference in your performance and results. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Be Prepared

The most important thing you can do is prepare thoroughly by studying hard for the exam. Know the format, content and scoring system inside out. Practice plenty of past questions to get familiar with the style and difficulty level. This will boost your confidence and ensure you are ready to tackle any question.

Time Management

With over 200 questions to be answered in 2 1/2 hours, time is of the essence. Have a timing strategy and stick to it. Don’t spend too long on any one question. Guess if you have to and move on. You can always come back to it later if you have time. Use all the time allotted and avoid leaving early. Every second counts!

Eliminate Wrong Choices

When unsure of an answer, eliminate as many wrong choices as possible. Guessing randomly lessens your odds of getting it right. Cross out options that are clearly incorrect or implausible. This narrows your choices and boosts the probability of selecting the correct response.

Skip Hard Questions

Don’t get bogged down by difficult questions, especially if they are in the subject you struggle with the most. Leave them for later and move on to questions you find easier. Come back to the hard ones once you’ve gone through the rest of the section. You’ll feel less panicked and may have gained insights to help you make educated guesses.

Check Your Answers

If time permits, quickly go through all the questions again to change any answers you’re unsure about. Look for careless mistakes and re-evaluate responses that gave you trouble. Just a few changed answers could make a difference in your score. Trust your instincts—often your first choice was the right one!

With the proper mindset, adequate practice and practical strategies, you’ll boost your chances of performing at your best in JAMB. Stay focused, believe in yourself and go into the exam feeling well-prepared to achieve a high score. You’ve got this!




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