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How To Print JAMB Original Result

To get a copy of your JAMB Original result, just follow these easy steps..

Image of Jamb original result

And to do this effectively, You will need a debit card(i.e ATM card)mobile phone or PC and data before you continue with this process.

It should take around 5 minutes to print your JAMB Original result

1. Open Chrome or another good browser on your phone

Open chrome browser

On your mobile phone, find your Chrome web browser or other suitable ones like Firefox or Internet Explorer, then open it.

2. Visit JAMB Efacility Page

Jamb Profile Efacility Page Examgreat 2

On the browser you’ve opened, type in the search or URL box. This will take you to the page shown above. Once on that page, click on ‘Create e-facility Account/Log in.’

3. Login To your JAMB Profile On the E-facility Website

Jamb Efacility Login

When you click “Create e-facility Account/Log in,” it will lead you to your JAMB Profile Login Page. Fill in your email address and the password. Make sure to use the email address linked to your JAMB Profile and the passr word that JAMB sent to your email.

4 . Find The “Print Result Slip” On Your JAMB Profile Homepage

Jamb Original Result Printing Page

After entering your correct email address and password, you’ll be directed to the page shown in the picture above. On this page, find the ‘Print Result Slip’ Option and click it.

5. Click On “Pay With Remita” Option On The Next Page

Payment page for Jamb Original Result

When you’re on the Result Slip printing Page, you’ll find two payment choices. Select the first one, which is ‘Pay with Remita.’

6. Click On “Continue To Payment”

Jamb original result payment

After clicking the ‘Pay with Remita’ button, you’ll be taken to the page you see in the picture above. Then, just click the ‘continue to payment’ button.

7. On the Next Page Click On “Pay Now”

Pay Now Jamb Original Result

On the next page, click the ‘Pay Now’ button. This will take you to the Remita page, where you can verify your information and enter your card details to make the payment.

8. Click The Submit Button on the Remita Page

Remita Payment Page for Jamb Original Result

While on the Remita page, carefully check the information displayed on the page. If everything looks correct, click the ‘submit’ button.

9. Fill your Payment Details and click on “Pay Now”

Card Payment for Jamb Original result

On the Next page, you can select your preferred payment method, which could be via card, bank account, USSD, or other options. Make your choice and enter the necessary information in the right boxes correctly.

10. After that, Click on “Pay”

If You Are Unable to print JAMB result slip after payment

Unable to print Jamb result slip after payment

If you’ve already made a payment but haven’t printed your JAMB Original result slip, just go to your JAMB profile, find the ‘Print Result Slip’ option as demonstrated in the image above, select ‘pay with Remita,’ but instead of making another payment, click on the ‘Print’ button as demonstrated in the picture below.

Print Jamb Original result after payement

Print JAMB Original Result After Payment

After this you’re done and your hardcopy of your Original JAMB result is presented to you.



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