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Best Jamb Expo Website Runs Questions & Answers Score 300+


Welcome to the Legit 2024 JAMB Runz/Expo UTME – CBT free Questions and Answers exam portal. JAMB Exam Online Expo Runs Dubs and cheats are verified.

Are you preparing for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam? JAMB is a standardized test that determines eligibility for admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions. The test is crucial for students who want to further their education in Nigeria, so it’s important to be well-prepared.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about JAMB, from the exam format to tips for success.

Who said 2024 jamb CBT RUNZ Is Impossible?



Who Is To Say That Jamb CBT Answers Cannot Be Sent Before Exam?

Who Said Naijatwist & naijahive Cannot Aid You in Passing Your Jamb 2024 CBT Exam?

The largest Jamb help center in Nigeria, Naijatwist & naijahive has completed CBT for 2018 and 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 Students while 2024 will not be an exemption.

How to Pass JAMB with Expo


0ur 2024 JAMB CBT runs/expo questions and answers are from certified sources, and with our special VIP treatment for early subscribers, you know that you have the best assistance in your JAMB CBT EXAM.

We don’t just offer Jamb runs or a good Jamb expo site for 2024 But we offer 280-320 JAMB SCORE.

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Now let’s delve deeper.

There are three (3) keys to passing your exams and they are :

Read and study hard
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If you are among last year’s candidates who participated in the computer-based test of JAMB, there is nothing different from what you are seeing here now. If there is any disparity, indicate by commenting on the comment below. A case study to show you that we are not joking.


For JAMB Runz Database 2024 Registration, click on JAMB Runz Database 2024

Regarding 2024 UTME, we have introduced a daily subscription for Jamb Saturday 29th April Expo 2024 / Monday Jamb 1st May Runs 2024 / Tuesday Jamb 2nd May Answers 2024/2024 / Wednesday 3rd May Jamb Runz 2024 / Thursday 4th May Jamb questions and answers 2024 / 5th Friday 2024 Jamb Dubs / Saturday 6th May Jamb Runs / 8th Monday, May Jamb Runz 2024 / Tuesday 9th April Jamb Answers 2024 / Wednesday, May 10th CBT Jamb Runz / 11th Thursday, May UTME Answers / Today Friday 12th May Jamb Runs 2024 / Does Jamb Expo Exist / JAMB CBT Expo / Best JAMB Runz Website. Mr. Naijatwist & naijahive has made provisions for scores between 270 to 350 in UTME.

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JAMB Expo 2024:– The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB have scheduled to conduct the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) from Saturday, 29th April to Friday 12th May 2024. Get your 2024/2024 JAMB Expo, 2024/2024 JAMB CBT Runs, and 2024 JAMB UTME Answers six (6) hours before your exam.
JAMB Calendar 2024

JAMB calendar 2024

JAMB calendar 2024

Selling of JAMB UTME Form: Saturday, 14th January to Tuesday, 14th February 2024.
Sale of Direct Entry Form: Monday, 20th February to Thursday, 20th April, 2024
JAMB Optional Mock Exam Date: Thursday 16th March 2024
JAMB Exam date: Saturday 29th April to Monday 12th May 2024
Cost of Registration: ₦ 4,700 ( e. Pin: 3,500. Use of English text: ₦ 500. CBT Charge: ₦ 700. Total: 4,700 ). This money is paid Once to JAMB
NIN is still Compulsory for registration

Must Read – Join Active JAMB WhatsApp Group 2024

JAMB – The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB has revealed that the period of sale of the registration forms for all candidates UTME including those from Foreign Countries is from Saturday, January 14 to Tuesday, February 14, 2024, and that of Direct Entry (DE) from February 20 to April 20, 2024.

Recommended – How to Reprint 2024 JAMB Exam Slip

Similarly, It noted that an optional mock examination for candidates takes place on Thursday, March 16th, 2024.

Jamb Official Website –
Jamb Exam Expo English, Maths Exam Questions and Answers 2024

We had on comprehension 5 questions under it, One cloze test with 10 questions under it, Life Changer with 7 questions, sentence completion, antonyms, and synonyms, oral English, etc.

Comprehension bothers on the topic of letter writing, and how it is important in day-to-day life.

For cloze text/register, it bothers on POPULATION

What was Talle’s crime?
Where did Talle run into when he heard the police siren?
Why did the people of Lafayette notice that Talle has committed the crime.
Answer. Because of his uneasiness
How many years has the Lafayette reign before Talle’s crime?
What’s was the kidnapper Taller collaborated with?
Ans. Zaraki
Where did the Police tell Talle to take them to?
Ans. His house where he kept the boy kidnapped
How much did the kidnappers demand from the man?
a. ₦250,000 b. $350,000 c. ₦350,000
The questions on life Changer is found in Chapter 3, everything about Talle

Understanding JAMB Exam Format

The JAMB exam is a computer-based test (CBT) consisting of four subjects: English, mathematics, general paper, and one other subject relevant to the course of study the student wishes to pursue. The test is divided into two sections: objective and essay.

The objective section consists of multiple-choice questions, while the essay section requires test-takers to write a short composition on a given topic. Both sections are timed, with a total duration of three hours.
Tips for Acing JAMB Exam

Start Early: It’s never too early to begin preparing for JAMB. Start preparing at least six months before the exam to give yourself enough time to cover all the necessary material.
Know the Syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the JAMB syllabus and ensure you understand what topics will be covered on the exam. This will help you to focus your study efforts and avoid wasting time on irrelevant material.
Practice with Past Questions: JAMB releases past questions and answers, and practicing with these can give you a good understanding of the types of questions you can expect on the exam.
Use Study Guides and Textbooks: In addition to practicing with past questions, make use of JAMB study guides and textbooks to reinforce your understanding of the material.
Get Adequate Rest: Proper rest and a healthy diet are essential for success on JAMB. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and eating well to keep your mind sharp and focused.
Practice Time Management: The JAMB exam is timed, so it’s important to practice good time management skills. Make sure you’re able to answer all the questions within the allotted time, and pace yourself so that you have enough time to review your answers before submitting.
Stay Calm and Confident: Finally, stay calm and confident on exam day. The more relaxed and confident you are, the better you will perform.

Is JAMB Expo 2024 Possible

We provide Legit JAMB Expo, JAMB Runs, on this note, JAMB Expo is 100 percent possible, only if you subscribe to us and not to scammers. Never subscribe to Scammer(s) because you saw your fellow candidate subscribe to them, rather ask questions and see the benefit of the doubt.

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How Does Jamb Expo Works?

Once again, Welcome to Legit JAMB Expo Answers portal where correct and verified Jamb Answers are delivered. Our crew partners with Jamb ICT department in getting your unique questions and answers with the unique details we will request from you after you must have paid. Because of security reasons, we don’t openly disclose our modus operandi. Trust us, your score of 250 and above is secured.
Is There JAMB Runs/Runz 2024

Sure, there is JAMB Runs/Runz, because of security reasons, we can’t disclose everything, just chat with us and we provide visually all the information that you need in order to score as high as 250 to 350 in JAMB UTME Exam 2024.
Is 2024 JAMB Answers/Runs Real or Fake

JAMB Expo/Runs 2024 is fake to those who subscribe to Scammers, but if you subscribe to Legit, a score of 250 to 350 is guaranteed. No wonder candidates always need a legit Portal for every exam. JAMB Runs is never fake and cannot be fake. Always read and subscribe to us. Send your details as instructed.
How can i get free JAMB Expo Websites

Getting JAMB Answers is very easy, Mr. Naijatwist & naijahive always urge candidates to subscribe early and send their details as soon as possible. JAMB Answers always come in PDF version, we in turn print it for our humble subscribers in plain mode. WhatsApp is always the preferred medium to send JAMB Answers, Email or Text messages is also available. Legit portal supplies Both JAMB Questions and Answers with Answers marked to easy stress for our candidates. Subscribe now and Get in mind to score 250 to 350 in 2024 UTME.

NOTE: JAMB Runs isn’t handled by any random bodies, so you should be careful of who you Subscribe with

I’m an Educationist and i have been in the system for 6-5years now and counting; It’s recorded every Year innocent candidates fall victim of being defrauded Due to a Low subscription rate.

For your success to count through, You need to Sacrifice whatever it is to Succeed. Those charging you 4,000 for JAMB Runs are nothing but Sourceless copycats that will still come out boasting of their own opinion.

I speak less and do more and drop evidence of testimony bags.

I repeat Jamb Runs isn’t run by anyone randomly, So be careful in picking your choice. I’m Not forcing you to subscribe with me But be careful while choosing.

Remember Cheaper product sees many buyers while the original & authentic Product sees fewer buyers. I assure you nothing less than 250+ Guaranteed. Many Out there will deceive you of scoring 300. So Those Who knows what it is to write jamb twice will Rush Towards a Subscription to avoid stories that touch the Heart.
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JAMB Use of English Expo 2024 / JAMB English Language Runs 2024

JAMB Mathematics Expo 2024/JAMB CBT Maths Runs 2024

JAMB Chemistry Expo 2024 / JAMB CBT Chemistry Runs 2024

JAMB Physics Expo 2024 / JAMB CBT Physics Runs 2024 / JAMB Physics Answers 2024

JAMB Government Expo 2024 / JAMB CBT Government Runs 2024 / JAMB Government Runz 2024

JAMB Fixes UTME Registration and Exam Date 2024

Candidates are to begin the printing of the 2024 UTME notification slips from Tuesday, 22nd April, 2024. Candidates can print their slips anywhere.

Legit Jamb Candidates Testimonies

Legit has studied JAMB and time Factor, we now decided to give you tips to follow in order to get your time with your exam pattern.

The JAMB Questions format:- ENGLISH 60 Questions (comprehension passage, summary, antonyms, synonyms, sounds, questions from sweet sixteen etc).= 40 mins*

Others 40 questions each and 27, 27, & 26 mins respectively

Total time allotted 120mins (2hrs)

Saving Time


Learn how to read and analyze questions fast

For questions you might still be contemplating on the answers you can leave or suspend them and move to the next to come back and revisit such questions.

Do not remove your eyes from your time.

Work with time. Using a maximum of 2mins on a question.

The process of trying to use the calculator is usually a time waste try calculating it by yourself (usually faster).

Do not spend too much time trying to assimilate a passage. You should be able to read and digest fast.

Don’t sleep on questions. Be quick so as to have some leftover time to check your work.

For those that will be writing mathematics be sure not to be a calculator person. You should be able to work out solutions fast on your sheet of paper.

Once you don’t have a clue on the answer to a particular question. Don’t relax and start thinking. Follow your instincts. Pick anyone you guess would be right and move on.

Prior to the exam get a jamb past questions CBT app and practice with the time as many times as possible.
[List of Exams for 2024]

WAEC Jan/Feb Expo 2024/WAEC Jan/Feb Runs 2024 – 1st Series

JAMB Expo 2024 / JAMB Runs 2024 / JAMB Questions and Answers 2024

WAEC Expo 2024 / WAEC Runs 2024 / WAEC SSCE Answers 2024 – May/June

IJMB Expo 2024 / IJMB Runs 2024 / IJMB Questions and Answers 2024

JUPEB Expo 2024 / JUPEB Runs 2024 / JUPEB Questions and Answers 2024

NECO Expo 2024 / NECO Runs 2024 / NECO SSCE Answers 2024

Waec GCE Expo 2024 / Waec Gce Runs 2024 / Waec Gce Questions and Answers 2024

Neco Gce Expo 2024 / Neco Gce Runs 2024 / Neco Gce Questions and Answers 2024
Approved JAMB Expo 2024 Subjects

Use of English

2024 JAMB Expo Runs Subscription Price List

Mr Legit has now introduced Series of JAMB packages for 2024, Candidates can now access JAMB Questions and Answers on Computer, on this note, you are requested to choose any package of your choice.

NOTE; All packages include training/lessons to ensure you score high and know how to use them! Note; maximum score is 230 above 100% assured & early payment will help you score high because of the training.

PRICE LIST FOR 2024 JAMB CBT Answers Supplies

(i) Bulk Mobile Package for Tutorial Centres: ₦250,000

This package is for people that have many candidates starting from 30 and above (e.g) School owners, tutorial centre owners & teachers

(ii) Normal Mobile Package for 1 candidate + all 4 subjects: ₦10,000

For this method, your answers are delivered to your mobile either through SMS or WhatsApp. Answers would be accessible with your secret coupon code sent to you via WhatsApp after successful registration payment on our partnering portal @

NB: JAMB is a computer-based test [CBT] to this, it is never easy to get candidates’ unique questions and answers, each candidate is tied to the same questions per day but scattered, simplifying that two candidates cannot make use of the Answers. Subscribe individually to get the desired results of your mind.

(iii) VIP Computer Package for 1 candidate + all 4 subjects (Higher Density!): ₦20,000

For this method, your 2024 JAMB Questions will be answered automatically immediately after you log in during the day of your exam, You will meet 70% of your questions answered automatically, This method is secured and safe with the help of our authenticate session_decode. When you pay for this package, your answers will be already solved, all you need to do is put in your login details and cross-check your answers. Then submit accordingly.


STEP 1: You are required to log in to the JAMB RUNZ DATABASE: or Login via Google Then Proceed to Start the Session by Loggin with your Valid Mobile Number Then sign in, Please note; You would be taken to the DASHBOARD Page if you have registered.

Start fresh registration or login to the existing the account

Start fresh registration or log in to the existing account

Google search

Google search

STEP 2: You are required to Fill in the Pre-registration form appropriately with your correct details in the field and proceed by clicking on the continue to submit your details.

Registration page

Registration page

STEP 3: You are to Click on the Start JAMB CBT 2024 Assistance to Start your 2024 JAMB CBT Runs Registration. JAMB RUNZ EXPO DATABASE



STEP 4: Subscription Plan will display where you can choose between (PLAN A & B), FOR PLAN A: Direct Answer to your Computer WHILE PLAN B: Mobile Question and Answer Via Online & WhatsApp

Direct answer subscription plan

Direct answer subscription plan

mobile question and answer

mobile question and answer

STEP 5: Select your four JAMB CBT Subjects Combination, Remember the Use of English Language has been automatically ticked While you are to select all other 3 subjects, Make sure you confirm your Plan or click on change of plan if the one you choose is incorrect, a passport is showing and your details are all correct then click on the continue button.

check plan details

check plan details

select subject combination

select the subject combination

STEP 7: Input your coupon code received after payment and Click on the CONFIRM PAYMENT BUTTON, If you don’t have the coupon code, You are required to Click on the WhatsApp Button to message us for your Coupon Code or Pay online with your ATM CARD, Bank Transfer online By Clicking on Pay Now or the ATM CARD IMAGE to purchase your Coupon code.



STEP 8: After a successful payment, Your status would automatically be updated immediately after your payment has been approved while an ACCESS CODE would be sent to your email or WhatsApp number for users to access their questions and Answers online in PDF format for download.

transaction successful

transaction successful

payment status

payment status

jamb access code portal

jamb access code portal

STEP 9: JAMBCBT.NET Upon Successful transaction, Your Dashboard restriction lien would be lifted which gives you access to lots of features on the system where you can check your JAMB CBT Answers, Printing your Subscription Slip, Access the newly updated JAMB Syllabus & Brochure, CBT Practice and Lots more benefits.

Fully verified dashboard

Fully verified dashboard

STEP 10: You are required to click on the Print your Subscription Slip to check the full confirmation of your details which shows the validity of having your records on our database.



Problems Faced by JAMB Candidates

Some JAMB Candidates did their Reprinting very late and discovered their exam date have passed, so if you are among those who registered for jamb late and you think u can do it reprint anytime, you might receive d greatest shock of your life.
Make sure you are familiar with the exam centre. Some arrived at their centre late last year cos they couldn’t locate it on time. So to avoid any mishaps as soon as u have done your reprint, quickly locate the centre. A word is enough for the wise
If there is any mistake in your jamb form pls correct it ASAP. You will not b happy having problems later. E.g emails issue,gender,state e.t.c
Make sure you secure a good system to use. If your system is malfunctioning contact the nearest official. Some of u can testify how system breakdown last year frustrated candidates
Don’t go to your centre with useless objects, as in items that will not b useful. Take along only the essentials.
Pls dress moderately. Some candidates were harassed last year due to their indecent dressings. They were delayed, so to be on d safer side pls dress decently. You will thank me later
Pls read the instructions again and again. I repeat again and again cos instructions change frequently and a lot of candidates fail to detect it ASAP
Use d computer part you are familiar with. Either the keyboard or mouse. The one you are familiar with
Answer the subject you are good in first, From known to unknown, it boosts your moral. If you can get over 150 from your 2 best subject your good to go.
Before the exam, ask questions on what you don’t understand. Don’t form big boy and girls.

Naijatwist & naijahive Academic Team Wishes You the Best Of Luck In Your Exams.


A lot of website are out there giving free or fake Answers. imagine such a site not considering the results of students, compose fake answer or give the students fake Answers. Most of the fault goes to students risking their own exams for cheap/free Answers.

What you don’t know is that nothing is free, even in freetown. Learn how to pay for what you need most. Be wise and try harder to pass.

For enquiries, contact Legit JAMB Official Phone number @07062277854

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What is JAMB

2024/2024 JAMB Runs -: The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts the entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian University.

Do you want to get all the latest about JAMB, We want to use this opportunity to let you know that you can know when the registration will commence, how much the form will be, where to buy the form, where to get the JAMB syllabus, JAMB Brochure and the latest news and updates surrounding JAMB 2024. It will take you nothing, its free to receive all updates about JAMB, click on the below link to submit your phone number for JAMB News/Updates 2024.

The JAMB exam is an important step towards furthering your education in Nigeria, and being well-prepared is crucial for success. By following these tips and understanding the exam format, you can increase your chances of acing the test and achieving your goals.
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How will you send the 2024 JAMB Expo, Are you sending questions only or questions and answers is it possible to get JAMB questions again
How much is the 2024 JAMB UTME Registration form

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

What is Computer Based Test (CBT)?

A computer-based test is the administration of an examination using a computer. This format is flexible in that the test can be taken at different times and in different locations.

Why Computer Based Test (CBT)?

CBT makes for a more accurate, precise, and fair assessment of the candidates.

What are the benefits of Computer-Based Tests (CBT)?

It is fast and it gives immediate feedback.
It is accurate and offers an automated analysis of results.
It is fair.
It is more secure.
It is the global best practice.

What is e-UTME?

e-UTME is an electronic form of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination that adopts the use of computers to display and answer test items.

What are Computer Based Test (CBT) centres?

Test centres are examination locations across the country where candidates can take Computer Based Tests (CBT). These centres are equipped with modern infrastructure that would enable the conduct of CBT.

Where are the test centres located?

CBT centres are located in all the thirty-six states of the federation and the FCT. To find a CBT centre click here…

  1. Are these centres well equipped for CBT?

Yes, the centres are well-equipped for CBT

What does the test centre look like?

A room equipped with computers connected to the Internet or Intranet (Local Area Network)

Are the test centres conducive for CBT?

Yes. The UTME accredited professional test centers are certified and equipped to international standards to facilitate a comfortable environment conducive for e-testing. All equipment is provided and there is technical support staff who are available to assist candidates at any time during the examination.

How many candidates are attached to a computer?

A candidate is assigned to a computer.

Are international testing centres available?

Yes, e-UTME accredited testing centres are available in all the six countries where JAMB conducts its examinations (United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Republic of Benin, Cameroun, and Ghana).

Does Computer Based Test cost the same as Paper Pencil Examination?

Yes, the cost is the same.

How do I pay for my Exam?

You will purchase your e-registration card from any designated bank and register online.

Are CBT questions the same as the Paper Pencil Test?

Yes, they are.

If I take CBT, would my performance be different from those who took PPT?


Will the Computer Based Test follow the same content guidelines of the UTME syllabus?


Is the duration of the Computer Based Test the same as the Paper Pencil Examination?

The Computer Based Test is generally the same length as the Paper Pencil Examination. The details of the test length will be included in the test instructions on the examination day.

Are Computer-Based Tests secure?

Yes. The extensive computerized encryption systems make breaking into the test virtually impossible. Also, test centers make it very difficult for candidates to bring in unauthorized materials.

Is the Computer Based Test (CBT) compulsory for all candidates?

No, there will be options of either the Computer Based Test or the Paper Pencil Examination.

How friendly is the CBT to candidates?

The CBT has been specially designed to provide the necessary atmosphere for the optimum performance of the candidates in terms of layout and simplicity of the questions on the screen. Similarly, moving from one question to another is achieved at the click of the Mouse Button or the movement of the “Arrow Keys”.

21. How do I register for CBT?

Candidates are expected to purchase the UTME registration scratch cards from designated banks and register online through

Will all candidates write the examination at the same time?

No. Each candidate will write the examination according to a scheduled/appointed time.

Should I bring the e-slip printout to the testing centre?

Yes. You should bring the original of your confirmation printout to the centre.

What do I do if I need to reschedule my examination?

If the need arises, you should contact the SERVICOM office at JAMB, National Headquarters Bwari, Abuja.

How do I start the test?

You are expected to first key in the registration number into the computer and click on NEXT. You are to read and follow the instructions that come up. Now, click on START EXAM.

How do I key in my answers on a Computer Based Test?

Answers to questions may be entered into the computer in either of two ways. You may key in answers by clicking on the option you believe to be the answer or typing in the letter of the option. Answers are recorded directly into the computer.

May I review my answers or skip questions and answer them later when taking a Computer Based Test?

Yes. You may review and change your answers after they have been entered into the computer during the examination or after you have attempted to answer all the questions before final submission.

How do I know the time I have spent on my examination?

The time will be displayed on the computer screen during the examination.

May I bring food to the test centre?

No. Food is not allowed in the test centre.

May I bring a calculator to the test centre?

No. You will be provided with one on the examination day.

If there is a power failure would it affect my timing?

No. There will be power backup with an alternative power supply and your test will return to the exact place where you stopped. All questions are saved upon answering them.

How do I end the test?

When you have answered and reviewed all the questions, you would be required to click the “END” button. Another box will ask you to confirm that you are ready to end the test. Once you confirm that you want to end, the test will close and you will not be able to regain entry.

Would there be any break during the examination?
Can I practice taking the Computer Based Test before the actual administration?

Yes, you can practice taking the test as often as you wish by taking the PRACTICE TEST on JAMB website at no cost to you.

How can I get more comfortable with CBT before taking an examination?

You can get further practice tests of JAMB past questions on the purchase of an e-card.

How quickly will I receive scores?

You will receive your scores on your mobile phones almost immediately you leave the examination centre.

Will there be audiovisuals on the Computer Based Test?

That depends on the test being taken. If visuals contribute to the test, they will be shown on the screen with the text of the questions or in a separate window.

Is knowledge of computer programming necessary to take a test on the computer?

No. The test administration program only requires you to be able to use the mouse or keyboard to answer questions. Moreover, there will be a mouse-practice session on the JAMB website.

How early should I arrive at the test centre?

You are expected to arrive as early as 6:00 am for the biometrics verification exercise.

What if I am late for the testing appointment?
What is JAMB? JAMB stands for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. It’s a standardized test that determines eligibility for admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions.
How long does the JAMB exam last? The JAMB exam lasts for three hours, with both objective and essay sections timed.
What subjects are covered on the JAMB exam? The JAMB exam covers English, mathematics, general paper, and one other subject relevant to the course of study the student wishes to pursue.
How often is the JAMB exam held?

The JAMB exam is typically held once a year.

If you arrive after thirty minutes (30mins.) into the examination, you will not be allowed into the testing centre.

Follow the steps above to be part of our 2024 Jamb CBT Expo/Runs, 2024 JAMB Runs candidate

JAMB Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

Question 1.

can a person use the same phone number and email that he used for registration of 2021 jamb to register for 2024 jamb

Answer: yes

Question 2.

Hello @JAMB can I use the mobile number I used last year for this year’s own?

Answer: yes

Question 3

I registered for my NIN in 2015, and the surname I used is different from the one on my o level result which is going to be used to register for my jamb, please what do I do??? Can I use it?

Answer: Go to NIMC for any correction.

nimc_ng I am messaging to know if I can change my phone number on my profile because it has been barred and I lost the sim. Moreover, I used it against last year’s Jamb which cannot be used again for this year. I want to know if there is Anything you can do to help me out. @JAMB


You cannot change the phone number on your profile. Visit your network provider to retrieve the number.

Question 5

Please I have already gotten my nin 3 years ago, but I registered with three names (Fatai Abdulahi Tunde) meanwhile I have just two names on my credentials (Fatai Abdulahi) The question is hope it had no effect

Answer: Go to NIMC for any correction

Question 6
@JAMB please I misplace the number I use to register for my jamb profile, how can I change my number to my new mobile number.

Answer: You cannot change the phone number on your profile. Visit your network provider to retrieve the number.

Question 7.
How do I upgrade

Answer: Visit any of the JAMB offices nearest to you to upgrade from UTME to DE as this service is limited to JAMB offices.

Question 8

@JAMB, Please can I use my former Gmail used in registering UTME in 2021 for registration of DE in 2024

Answer: Yes, you can if you are the same candidate with the same

Questions: JAMB can I register JAMB and D.E at the same time. Please I need a quick response. Thanks

Answer: Candidates are NOT allowed to register for both UTME and DE. If a candidate registers for UTME and has the additional qualification(s) for DE, there is a provision for such a candidate to upgrade.

Candidates are to begin the printing of the 2024 UTME notification slips on Tuesday, 2nd April 2024. Candidates can print their slips anywhere.

“All candidates who registered for the 2024 UTME are to ensure that they print their examination notification slips before the day of the examination as no excuses would be entertained.

Waec Gce 2024 January/February 1st Series Questions and Answers

Are you preparing for the WAEC GCE First Series exam and looking for a guide to ensure your success? This comprehensive blog post is designed for you. This step-by-step guide provides a thorough examination of how to master the exam and achieve your academic goals.

Understand the Structure of the WAEC GCE First Series

Navigating your way through the WAEC GCE First Series exam becomes a whole lot easier when you grasp its structure. It’s much like understanding the blueprint of a building before you start construction. The WAEC GCE First Series exam is organized into various sections, each focusing on a unique subject area.

Diving into the specifics of each section, take note of the content it covers, the amount of questions it contains, and the time allotted for it. Are there more questions in one section compared to another? Is there a section that focuses more on essay questions than multiple choice? These are crucial details that can help you strategize your study plan.

Prioritizing your study time based on this understanding will allow you to focus on sections that may require more attention. It’s all about maximizing efficiency. In short, it’s not just about working hard, but also working smart. So, roll up your sleeves and delve deep into the structure of the WAEC GCE First Series – a key step on your path to academic success.

Develop a Consistent Study Routine

Building a regular study routine is key to acing the WAEC GCE First Series. This isn’t just about clocking in hours with your books. It’s about creating a sustainable rhythm that includes all-important subjects, relaxation breaks, and consistent learning. Remember, this isn’t a sprint, but a marathon.

Avoid the temptation to cram. It may feel like a short-term win, but it doesn’t foster long-term understanding or retention of information. Instead, adopt a methodical approach, breaking down the material into manageable parts and understanding each piece thoroughly before moving on to the next.

Consider developing a timetable to manage your study hours effectively. This way, you ensure each subject gets the attention it deserves. Balance is crucial here – don’t spend too much time on one subject at the expense of others.

Breaks are equally important. Allow yourself short, regular periods of relaxation. This prevents burnout and helps keep your mind fresh. During these breaks, engage in activities that you enjoy and help you relax – perhaps a short walk, a bit of meditation, or even a quick chat with a friend.

One significant aspect of your study routine should be revision. Regularly revisiting previously learned material can significantly enhance retention and recall.

And don’t forget about the power of consistency. Make your study routine a habit, something you do at the same time and in the same way each day. It’s not just about what you study, but also how and when you study. As the saying goes, consistency is key, and this couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to exam preparation.

Use Past Questions as a Study Tool

Taking advantage of past questions can be a game-changer in your study regimen for the WAEC GCE First Series. Not only do these give you a realistic sneak peek into what your exam will look like, but they also allow you to put your knowledge to the test. This real-world application of your learning lets you see where your comprehension stands and can illuminate areas that may need more attention.

Practicing with past questions is like taking a guided tour of the exam before you actually step into the test center. This familiarity with the structure and formatting of the questions can relieve some exam day anxiety and leave you feeling more prepared. It allows you to see firsthand the types of questions asked and the patterns that the exam typically follows.

But it’s not just about becoming comfortable with the exam’s format. Utilizing past questions can also help you identify any weaknesses in your understanding. As you work through these questions, take note of the areas where you struggle or make mistakes. These are the topics you may want to revisit during your study sessions.

Don’t just look at the questions; take the time to understand the solutions as well. Studying the solutions can provide insight into the methodology and thought process required to arrive at the correct answer. This can be particularly helpful in understanding complex concepts or problems.

Remember, the key here is to practice regularly. Make past questions an integral part of your study routine. Consider setting aside specific time slots for working on these questions. Treat them as you would the actual exam: concentrate, work within a set time limit, and avoid distractions. This will not only prepare you for the exam environment but also help you manage your time effectively during the actual test.

Using past questions as a study tool, in essence, offers you a practical approach to your preparation for the WAEC GCE First Series. So, make the most of these resources and let them guide you on your journey to exam success.

Join Study Groups

Dive into the world of collaborative learning by joining a study group. These groups serve as a melting pot of diverse perspectives and interpretations, which can shed new light on complex subjects and concepts. Not only does it provide an avenue for you to gain insights from your peers, but it also offers an opportunity to teach others. It’s often said that the best way to understand something is to explain it to someone else, and study groups provide the perfect platform for this.

Engaging with others in a study group encourages active learning and aids in reinforcing your knowledge. Plus, it keeps the learning process dynamic and less monotonous. Imagine having a discussion about a difficult topic with your peers, exchanging ideas, and understanding various viewpoints – it’s a form of interactive learning that textbooks alone may not provide.

However, remember that the benefits of study groups depend largely on the group’s dynamics. A group that’s too large may lead to distractions, while a group that’s too small may lack diverse perspectives. The ideal study group is one where members are motivated, disciplined, and are striving towards a common goal – acing the WAEC GCE First Series!

If you can’t find an existing group that suits your needs, don’t be hesitant to start one. Invite like-minded peers and establish a regular meeting schedule. Also, ensure that every group session has a clear objective. Whether it’s solving past questions, discussing a particular topic, or reviewing a chapter, having a well-defined goal can keep your group focused and productive.

In essence, study groups can amplify your learning process, taking it beyond the confines of self-study. So, explore this avenue of learning and see how it can complement your individual study routine and contribute to your success in the WAEC GCE First Series exam.

Seek Guidance from Teachers and Tutors

Your teachers and tutors are an indispensable resource in your journey towards acing the WAEC GCE First Series. Having guided countless students through the exam process, they’re armed with a wealth of knowledge that can be crucial to your preparation. Let’s not forget, these individuals have spent considerable time understanding the ins and outs of the subjects they teach, making them a veritable treasure trove of insights.

Ask them for clarity if you find yourself stumped by a particularly tricky concept or problem. Their explanations can provide a fresh perspective that makes the complex seem simple. What’s more, they can also share useful study techniques that have proven effective over the years.

Your teachers and tutors also have a thorough understanding of the exam structure and can help you navigate your way through it. They can point out common pitfalls and how to avoid them, reveal patterns and trends in past papers, and offer advice on time management during the exam. It’s like having a seasoned guide on an unfamiliar trail.

Remember, however, the key to maximizing this resource is openness and communication. Don’t hesitate to voice your doubts and concerns, however trivial they may seem. Seek their guidance proactively and make it a point to discuss your progress and challenges with them regularly. Their feedback can serve as a valuable tool for course correction and fine-tuning your study strategy.

While self-study is crucial and past questions are a fantastic tool, the guidance of teachers and tutors can complement your efforts and provide that extra edge. They’re there to help you succeed, so make sure you tap into this valuable resource as you gear up to conquer the WAEC GCE First Series.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

In the race to master the WAEC GCE First Series, it’s easy to overlook an integral component – your health. However, your physical well-being plays a significant role in your academic performance. While you’re devoting hours to understanding complex concepts and memorizing formulas, it’s also crucial to invest time in nurturing your body and mind.

Think of your brain as an engine that powers your learning. To function optimally, it needs the right fuel – a balanced diet. This means incorporating a variety of nutrient-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, into your meals. Staying hydrated is equally essential, as it aids in maintaining cognitive functions and concentration levels.

Next, let’s not underestimate the power of physical activity. Regular exercise can boost your brainpower, improve mood, and reduce stress – all vital for maintaining a focused and positive mindset during your exam preparation. You don’t need to hit the gym for hours; even moderate activities like a brisk walk, a bike ride, or yoga can do wonders for your mental agility.

Equally important in this health equation is quality sleep. After a day of absorbing new information, your brain needs time to consolidate and store that knowledge. That’s where a good night’s sleep comes into play. Aim for about 7-9 hours of sleep per night to allow your brain to process and retain the information you’ve studied.

Avoiding excessive caffeine and establishing a regular sleep schedule can help you achieve better sleep quality. Also, consider winding down with a relaxing pre-sleep routine, such as reading a book or listening to calm music. Remember, sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity for optimal cognitive function.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst your exam preparation may seem like a juggling act. But by weaving these habits into your daily routine, you’re not just nourishing your body; you’re also setting the stage for effective learning. After all, your physical well-being and academic success go hand in hand in this journey to ace the WAEC GCE First Series.

Be Confident and Believe in Yourself

At last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about the power of self-belief and confidence. As you embark on this challenging journey of preparing for the WAEC GCE First Series exam, it’s natural to encounter moments of doubt. However, it’s crucial to remain optimistic, encouraging yourself every step of the way. Picture yourself successfully conquering the exam, embracing the power of positive visualization.

Don’t forget, you are capable, you are prepared, and you are on your way to success. It’s not just about understanding the structure of the exam or mastering the material – it’s also about trusting in your abilities to overcome challenges. Let your hard work fuel your confidence. After all, you have put in the time, you have adopted effective study strategies, and you have sought guidance from tutors and peers. Let all these efforts solidify your belief in yourself.

But, remember, confidence isn’t about ignoring your weak areas. It’s about acknowledging them and working tirelessly to improve. It’s about treating each stumbling block as a stepping stone towards your academic success. This mindset of resilience and positivity can significantly boost your performance, providing the motivation you need to push through.

Also, remember to celebrate your small victories along the way – finished a tough chapter? Solved a complex problem? Give yourself a pat on the back. These mini celebrations will not only boost your confidence but also make your journey enjoyable.

So, as you gear up to face the WAEC GCE First Series, put on an armor of self-belief and confidence. Foster a positive mindset and let it light up your path to success. You’ve got this! Trust in your abilities, keep your spirits high, and march forward with an unshakeable belief in your victory. The finish line isn’t far. Let your confidence guide you to your academic triumph in the WAEC GCE First Series.


JAMB Expo 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to Success


Preparing for the JAMB 2024 exams may seem like a daunting task, but with the right guidance and diligent study, you can secure your ticket to success. This ultimate guide presents an actionable roadmap that will help you ace the exams. Whether you’re just starting your preparation or in the middle of your study period, this guide can enhance your strategies and boost your confidence.

Understanding the Structure of the JAMB Exam

Unlocking the key to acing the JAMB begins with comprehending its overall structure. This critical exam consists of four separate subjects, each peppered with 50 engaging questions. These questions are cleverly crafted to evaluate your grasp and application of knowledge associated with your prospective area of study. So, roll up your sleeves and dive deep into understanding the intricacies of the exam layout and the kind of questions that often make an appearance. This insight isn’t just an added bonus; it’s your secret weapon to efficiently and effectively steer through the examination.

Choosing the Right Study Materials

Navigating through the vast ocean of JAMB preparation materials can feel overwhelming. But don’t fret! The key is to be selective and focus on quality over quantity. The official JAMB syllabus and past question papers should be your starting point – they are a treasure trove of critical information. Beyond these, it’s vital to handpick textbooks based on expert recommendations and positive student reviews. Such resources often present content in an easy-to-understand format, supplemented with real-world examples to drive your understanding home. Also, keep an eye out for study materials that provide clear explanations, which can act as your trusty sidekick to demystify complex concepts. It’s all about arming yourself with the right tools to conquer the JAMB 2024. So, buckle up and let your study material hunt begin!

Creating a Study Plan and Stick to It

Crafting a comprehensive study plan isn’t merely a suggestion; it’s a critical step in your JAMB 2024 preparation journey. Picture your study plan as a navigation system guiding you through the landscape of your syllabus, ensuring you cover every subject efficiently. The magic is in the details – break down your syllabus into manageable sections and designate specific timeframes for each topic. Consistency and commitment are your best friends here. Like clockwork, adhere to your study schedule, track your progress, and adapt your plan when necessary. This isn’t a rigid blueprint, but a flexible guideline tailored to fit your learning pace. Remember, every journey begins with a plan, and every success story begins with a well-structured study schedule.


Mastering the Art of Time Management

Time is the essence of JAMB exam preparation. Clock management is not just an added advantage, but a crucial skill that can make or break your performance. With JAMB being a timed exam, mastering the art of time management goes beyond studying to include learning to answer questions promptly and precisely.

Consider it like a high-stakes race against time, where each tick-tock matters. But fear not, with practice, you can morph into a proficient time manager. Begin by incorporating timed practice sessions into your study routine. These sessions should mimic the actual exam environment, training you to efficiently allocate time to each question.

The trick is to find the balance between speed and accuracy, ensuring that the quest for quick responses doesn’t compromise the correctness of your answers. Regularly timing yourself can help you identify your pain points and work towards improving them.

An effective time management strategy can not only streamline your studying process but also foster a sense of calmness during the exam. You’d no longer feel the gnawing panic that accompanies the ticking exam clock. Instead, you’ll find yourself sailing smoothly through the exam, answering each question with precision and confidence.

Remember, time management isn’t a skill that you can acquire overnight. It’s a gradual process, much like sculpting a masterpiece from a block of stone. So, be patient with yourself, commit to the process, and watch your time management skills flourish. By mastering this skill, you’ll be one step closer to acing the JAMB 2024. Now, take the first step and make time your ally, not your adversary!

Utilizing Online Resources

In the digital age, the Internet is much more than a mere source of entertainment. It’s a powerful learning tool that can supercharge your JAMB 2024 preparation. Online platforms offer a wealth of resources tailor-made for JAMB aspirants. Think online tutorials, study forums, and cutting-edge apps offering past JAMB questions and solutions. These resources transform your computer or smartphone into a personal tutor, available round the clock at the tap of a button. They offer an interactive, user-friendly experience that makes learning fun and engaging. What’s more, they give you the freedom to learn at a pace that suits you best, in an environment where you feel most comfortable. Remember, the secret to making the most of these resources is to use them as a supplement to your primary study materials and not a substitute. So, don’t shy away from exploring this treasure trove of online resources. Dive in, and you might just stumble upon some invaluable tools to boost your JAMB 2024 success!

Maintaining a Positive Mindset

Harnessing a positive mindset is like wielding a powerful tool in your JAMB 2024 preparation arsenal. It’s more than just wishful thinking – it’s about adopting an attitude that empowers you to approach challenges head-on and turn them into opportunities for growth. Picture it as a mental workout, flexing and strengthening your mind to stay resilient in the face of obstacles.

See yourself thriving in the exam, not merely surviving it. This visualization can serve as a self-fulfilling prophecy, inspiring you to work diligently towards your goal. Don’t let minor setbacks or stumbles discourage you. Instead, view them as stepping stones on your path to success, each one teaching you a valuable lesson. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your JAMB mastery. Embrace the journey with all its highs and lows, knowing that every effort you put in is bringing you closer to your dream.

Don’t forget to celebrate small victories along the way – acing a mock test, mastering a tricky topic, or simply sticking to your study plan for the day. These small wins add up, fueling your motivation and fostering a sense of achievement.

Lastly, always speak to yourself with kindness and compassion. Use encouraging self-talk and maintain an optimistic outlook. Remind yourself of your abilities and past successes to boost your self-confidence.

Nurturing a positive mindset is a continuous process, much like watering a plant daily for it to bloom. So, start today, cultivate positivity, and witness its transformative power on your JAMB 2024 journey.

Seeking Guidance and Support

Stumped by a challenging topic? Don’t let it become a roadblock in your JAMB 2024 journey. Embrace the power of collaboration by reaching out to your teachers, fellow classmates, or joining the ever-growing online learning communities. These platforms can serve as a goldmine of insights, expert advice, and clever hacks to tackle difficult subjects. If a concept seems like a riddle, don’t hesitate to ask for a detailed explanation or a fresh perspective.

Take the leap and immerse yourself in the stimulating world of group studies. Not only does this provide you an opportunity to clarify your doubts, but it also gives you a chance to help others understand the topics you’ve mastered. Peer learning can be a mutually beneficial process, promoting deep understanding and fostering a spirit of teamwork.

Consider seeking one-on-one tutoring if you’re struggling with a particular subject. Tutors can provide personalized attention, design custom lesson plans, and even help refine your study strategy.

Lastly, don’t shy away from asking for emotional support when the going gets tough. Your friends, family, or a mentor can provide the much-needed motivation and reassurance during stressful times. Remember, seeking help isn’t a sign of weakness, but a testament to your commitment to succeed in JAMB 2024. Reach out, ask questions, share your struggles, and let the power of guidance and support propel you towards your academic goals.



Proper Preparation on the Exam Day

The day of your JAMB 2024 exam can seem like a whirlwind, but don’t let the nerves overshadow your confidence. Begin your day with all the essentials packed and ready – your exam materials, identification, and a bottle of water for hydration. You’ve been training for this, remember to trust in your preparation.

The night before, prioritize restful sleep. You’ve worked hard, and your brain needs a breather. A well-rested mind is more alert and ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Fuel your body with a nutritious meal the morning of the exam – consider brain-boosting foods like whole grains, berries, or nuts to keep your energy steady.

As you step into the exam hall, maintain a steady breath. It’s natural to feel a flutter of anxiety, but remember, you’ve got this! As you navigate through the exam, read each question carefully. Comprehension is key, so ensure you fully understand what’s being asked before you dive into your answer.

One golden rule to keep in mind is the importance of reviewing your work. Don’t rush to submit your answers, instead, spare a few minutes towards the end of your exam to double-check your responses. Mistakes are a part of being human, but catching them before you submit can make all the difference.

So, as the day dawns, remember, it’s not just about getting to the finish line, but doing so with your best foot forward. Confidence, clarity, and careful review will be your guiding stars on this journey. With this, you are all set to conquer JAMB 2024. Good luck, and remember, you’ve got this.

Ace Your Exams: The JAMB Secret Unveiled


The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination is a critical step in the journey of every Nigerian student who aspires to gain admission into higher institutions. Scoring high in this exam often seems like a Herculean task to many, but there is a secret to acing it. This post unveils the JAMB secret to help you excel in your exams. Let’s dive in!

Understand the JAMB Examination Structure and Pattern

Let’s get one thing clear: the journey to scoring high in the JAMB begins with a thorough understanding of the exam’s structure and pattern. Here’s the lowdown: the JAMB exam generally comprises four subjects, each tailored to your preferred course of study. Each subject presents you with 50 questions, adding up to a grand total of 200 questions. You have a two-hour window to conquer these questions. Having a clear understanding of this setup gives you a roadmap to the challenge ahead and sets the stage for effective preparation. It’s all about knowing what’s coming and getting yourself ready for it. So, before you dive headfirst into your study materials, take some time to familiarize yourself with the structure of the JAMB exam. Consider it as your first stride towards exam success!

Effective Preparation – The Foundation of High Scores

Before you hit the books, let’s establish one thing: your JAMB score will hinge heavily on your preparation strategy. Embarking on your study journey early is paramount. It is not just about opening your books, it’s about making a comprehensive study plan and sticking to it like a pro. Map out a schedule that allocates ample time for each subject and topic. Remember, your plan should reflect your personal learning style and pace.

Once your timetable is ready, it’s time to explore effective study techniques. Get creative with your notes – use different colors for different topics, create mind maps, or make infographics. Use flashcards for easy recall and to break down complex concepts into digestible pieces. Active learning is your friend – don’t just passively read your notes; engage with the material. Discuss the topics with friends, explain the concepts to someone else, or teach a mock class. By doing so, you are reinforcing the information in your mind.

Avoid marathon study sessions; they can lead to burnout and diminish your retention capacity. Instead, adopt a segmented approach, with short breaks in between your study sessions. During these breaks, take a quick walk, do some light exercises, or just relax and recharge.

Remember, it’s not about studying harder, it’s about studying smarter. As you journey towards your JAMB exams, make preparation your steadfast companion. This is your passport to a high JAMB score.

Use Past Questions to Your Advantage

Don’t underestimate the potency of past questions as you gear up for your JAMB exam. These are not just a collection of old questions; they are a treasure trove of insights into the JAMB’s question-setting pattern and style. And the best part? You can convert these past questions into your personal study guide. Go beyond the typical drill-and-practice approach and delve deeper into understanding the principles and concepts embedded in each question. What’s the core idea behind this question? What does it want you to grasp? Don’t just practice to answer; practice to understand. By doing so, you’re developing your capacity to decode and tackle any question, even if it’s presented differently. The real beauty of past questions lies not in their repetition but in their ability to train your mind to understand, decode, and respond. So, embrace past questions not as a shortcut to success, but as a map to guide you on your journey to scoring high in JAMB.

Leverage Digital Learning Tools

In today’s tech-savvy world, the traditional ways of studying are being enhanced with the help of digital learning tools. These tools are your allies in your quest to ace the JAMB exams. For instance, JAMB provides a Computer-Based Testing (CBT) software that mimics the actual exam conditions, providing a realistic rehearsal of the exam day. This experience can help in dispelling exam jitters and boosting your confidence.

Furthermore, the internet is brimming with educational apps, online tutorials, and e-books. These platforms offer a treasure trove of knowledge right at your fingertips. They can provide in-depth explanations, tips, practice questions, and even video tutorials on various subjects. They’re like having a personal tutor available 24/7.

Don’t hesitate to make use of these digital aids. They not only supplement your preparation but also make learning more interactive and enjoyable. But remember, these tools are only beneficial if you use them wisely. Don’t get lost in the sea of information; instead, use them as focused study aids to reinforce your learning.

As the saying goes, “there’s an app for that,” and that holds true even for your JAMB preparation. So, why not leverage these digital learning tools to give you an edge in your quest to score high in your JAMB exams? However, always keep in mind that these are supplements to your studies, not substitutes for the hard work and dedication needed for effective preparation. Happy studying!

Maintain a Positive Mindset and Stay Motivated

Harnessing the power of positivity and motivation is a non-negotiable aspect of your JAMB journey. Visualize yourself conquering each question with confidence and achieving your desired score. Such positive mental imagery can foster self-belief and fuel your motivation.

Engage in uplifting conversations with your peers and draw inspiration from individuals who have successfully sailed the JAMB waters. Such interactions can spur you on when the going gets tough.

In addition, consume success stories and motivational materials. They can imbue you with resilience and rekindle your spirit to press on when challenges rear their heads.

Being positive is not about ignoring the reality of the task at hand; it’s about focusing on your abilities and potential to surmount any hurdle. So, when doubts creep in, counter them with affirmations of your capability and resilience.

Always remember: your mindset can be your biggest ally or your greatest enemy in the JAMB exam. Equip it with positivity, optimism, and an unyielding resolve to succeed. Remember, the power to ace the JAMB exam lies within you. So, believe in yourself, stay motivated, and let your positivity light up your path to high JAMB scores. Keep in mind, this journey is not just about scoring high in exams, it’s about cultivating the mindset and habits that can empower you to succeed in all areas of life. Embrace this opportunity with optimism, tenacity, and an unshakable belief in your potential.

Adequate Rest and Nutrition are Crucial

Let’s turn the spotlight onto two often overlooked yet pivotal factors in acing the JAMB – rest and nutrition. Think of your brain as a high-performance sports car. Without proper maintenance and fuel, even the most potent machine won’t run efficiently. Similarly, to prepare for and excel in JAMB, your brain needs quality rest and nourishing food.

Firstly, rest should be a non-negotiable part of your study regimen. No, this is not an excuse to snooze off your study time. This is about giving your brain the respite it needs to recharge and assimilate all that you’ve learned. Remember, your brain isn’t a machine; it needs downtime to consolidate information and rejuvenate for the next study session. So, don’t skimp on your sleep – aim for a solid seven to eight hours each night. It’s not laziness; it’s strategic rest.

Now, let’s talk about nutrition. Imagine trying to run a marathon on an empty stomach or worse, on junk food. The same logic applies to your brain function during your JAMB journey. Your brain needs a steady supply of quality fuel to function optimally. So, opt for a balanced diet packed with brain-boosting foods. Incorporate foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like fish and nuts, whole grains for a steady supply of energy, and fruits and vegetables for essential vitamins and minerals. Steer clear of junk food and sugary drinks that can cause energy spikes and crashes.

In essence, don’t underestimate the power of a well-rested brain and a well-nourished body in your quest to score high in JAMB. So, sleep right, eat right, and watch your brain perform at its best. Remember, scoring high in JAMB is as much about nurturing your body and brain as it is about hitting the books.

Exam Day Tips: Time Management and Composure

As the long-awaited exam day approaches, a couple of key strategies will help you maximize your performance: effective time management and maintaining a cool head. Make a point to arrive at your test site early. This allows you to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and settle in before the exam commences, setting the stage for a focused and distraction-free performance.

Next, let’s talk about the ticking clock. With 200 questions and 120 minutes at your disposal, every second counts. Develop a strategy to manage your time effectively, aiming to spend less than a minute per question. This ensures you have sufficient time to tackle all questions without feeling rushed. But remember, while speed is crucial, it should never compromise accuracy.

Facing a challenging question? Don’t panic! Stress and anxiety can cloud your mind, making even the most straightforward answers seem elusive. If you come across a particularly tough question, take a moment. Breathe deeply, relax your mind and recall the studying you’ve done. Approach the question calmly and confidently, knowing you’ve prepared to the best of your ability.

Remember, your composure during the exam can make a significant difference. It’s not just about the knowledge you’ve acquired during your preparation; it’s also about maintaining a steady mind in the face of pressure. The key is to keep calm, stay focused, and remember, every question is an opportunity to demonstrate what you’ve learned. Your preparation has equipped you not only with knowledge but also with the skills to navigate this pivotal moment. So, believe in your abilities, manage your time effectively, and keep your cool. After all, you’ve got this!



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