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Jamb 2024 Physics Likely Questions and Answers


1. How old was Abraham when God called him
A. seventy five years
B.eighty years
C.seventy years
D.ninety years


1) The absolute-zero temperature is defined as the temperature at which:
a) thermal motion ceases
b) temperature of gas is 273°C
c) ice melts
d) pressure of real gas is maximum

2) The distance between two successive nodes of a wave is:
b) wavelength
c) half wavelength
d) quarter wavelength

3) Examples of luminous objects include:
i. sun
ii. star
iii. moon
iv.lighted bulb
a)i, iii
b) i, iv
c) ii, iv
d) i, ii, iv

4)The equipment that works as a result of magnetic effect of electric current is:
a) Rheostat
b) Thermostat
c) Electric bell
d) Carbon microphone


Choose the word that rhymes with the word below
1) Quay
a) Pretty
b) Pride
c) Pray
d) Clay


1) Calculate log₀.₅ 32.
a) -5
b) -4
c) 5
d) 4

Chemistry questions that I can remember

1): Anhydrous compound X on exposure to atmospheric moisture turns blue, X is?

2): Gases used for fountain experiment are ammonia and ?

3): The iodine that can be added to table salt to prevent goiter is ?

4): A metal extracted from it’s ore by electricity is what?

5).: In a flame test for the colour of sodium metal is?

6): 5.25g of CaCl2 salt is required to form saturated solution with 180cm^3 of water at 298k, cal it’s solubility at what temp.

7): Cal the mass of oxygen liberated when 2.5F is passed through CuSO4 solution.


1.One of the programmes binding members of the Commonwealth is the (

a)Food and aid programme

(b)cultural programmes(

c)agenda for peace

(d)schorlarship scheme .

2.Who is the the SecretaryGeneral of OPEC
Find the nearest in meaning of the following sentence
1.It is unatural for my daughter to be Audacious

2.Identify the following that has the same stress pattern
3.Identify the following that has the same sounds as the above:;
d .
How would u see Aliyha
a.mommy’s pet
b.dull girl
c.preety girl

5.Why did aliyah father take her to a place?
a.To show her his office
b.To have a conversation with her
c.To spend time with her

6.What is Aliyah’s relationaship with Bobo?


1.The son of man does not have a place to lay his head.
Who made the above statement ?
a Jesus
c.the jewish disciples


– English

The JAMB text novel they asked us questions from was Sweet sixteen and not the expected Life changer
There were 5 comprehension questions and 10 questions on Lexis and structure,
10 questions as well on Sweet sixteen
And the remaining questions were on general English knowledge e.g Nearest in meaning, opposites, consonant and vowel sounds etc

The questions were shuffled from the following topics:

*Basic concepts in Government (about 5 questions)
*Forms of government(about 3 questions)
*political Ideologies(about 4 questions)
*process of legislation(2 questions)
And the remaining questions shuffled among the following:

*Pressure groups
*Public opinion
*Pre-colonial politics
*The civil service

*10 questions on basic literary principles
And 5 questions on selected literary texts
It was disappointing because none of them was from my set.

The questions were from the following topics

*Faith and work
*Christian living in the community
*Parental responsibility

Corporal punishment is meant to be a deterrent to indiscipline (nearest in meaning)
a. remedy
b. measure
c. discouragement
d. prevention


1.what is legitimacy
1.God directed noah to Nineveh to _
2.At what age did God call Abram
a.80 years
3. God stopped Abram from sacrificing his son because of _
1. Aliyah’s father call her “priceless gift” because


Under Biology,
1. Which of the following is a characteristic of an anemorphilus flower.
a. numerous and light pollen grains.
b. brightly coloured petals.
c. presence of nectar.
d. scented flower
2. A quadrant can be used to do which of the following
a. determine the total number of a specie in a population
3. A diagram of the digestive system was given. Which of the following part labelled I to IV produces hormones and digestive enzymes. The answer is pancreas
4. Which of the following is called a master gland.
a. pituary gland
b. adrenal gland
5. The diagram of the female reproductive system was given. Where does FERTILIZATION take place in the female reproductive system. The parts where labeled but the answer is fallopian tube.
6. Which characteristic is common to both gills and lungs
a. they are highly vascularized.
b. the are exposed to the atmosphere.
c. they are moist.
7. An evidence of fossil records in evolution is also known as
a. paleontology
b. embryology
8. Fishes, prawns and crabs are collectively called.
a. pisces
b. crustaceans
9. Bilirubin in the body can be removed by
a. lungs
b. kidney
c. liver
10. A color blind man ( X^n Y) married a woman carrying the trait ( X^N X^n). what percentage of their children will be colour blind.
a. 25%
b. 50
d. 100%
11. A Tullgren funnel is used to determine what.
12. If a man with blood group O receives blood from a person which blood group A, which of the following will occur
a. Agglutination
b. no agglutination
13. Absorption of mineral salts in plant roots occurs by
a. Osmosis
b. Diffusion
c. active transport
14.Which of the following blood groups will give blood group AB ONLY when crossed
a. AB
b. AA
d. O
15. The fins of a whale, the hands of a man, and winds of a bat can be related to
a. homologous
b. heterologous
c. heterozygous
d. homozygous
16. The diagram of a Mushroom was given and labeled I to IV. Which of the following oroduces spores.
17. Which of the following is the process of assimilating good the digestive system of man
a. Ingestion —> Digestion —> Absorption —> Assimilation
b. Digestion —> ingestion —> assimilation —> absorption
c. assimilation — digestion—> ingestion —> absorption
18. The movent of a Euglena towards light of low intensity is
a. negative phototaxis
b. positive phototaxis
19. Roots hairs occur in
a. piliferous layer
b. pericycle
c. cambium
20. Montane vegetation can be found in what part of Nigeria
a. Yenegoa
b. Mambila
c. Awka
d. Ekiti
21. Which biome can be found in Nigeria
a. Tropical Rain forest
b. coniferous forest
22. The law of use and disuse was propounded by
a. Lamarck
b. Darwin
c. Hugo
23. The caste of termite is composed of
a. soldier, drone, king and queen
b soldier, drone, queen and reproductives



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