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(i) Bold Ctrl B.
(ii) Italicize Ctrl i.

(i) Place your cursor in the last cell of the row above where you want to insert the blank row.
(ii) Press the Tab key on your keyboard. This will create a new row below the current row.


(i) Place your cursor in the row above where you want to insert the blank row.
(ii) Right-click and select “Insert” from the context menu.
(iii) Choose “Insert Rows Above” to add a row above the current position.

(i) Calibri.

(i) Center Alignment.

(i) Save.
(ii) Undo.
(iii) Redo.
(iv) Print.

(i) Alt + Shift + D.

(a) Print Dialog Box.
(b) Takes you to the beginning of the document.
(c) Takes you to the end of the document.
(d) Toggles the case of selected text (UPPERCASE-lowercase, lowercase-UPPERCASE).

(i) Highlight the text only that is the MATHEMATICS.
(ii) Go to the “Home” tab.
(iii) In the “Font” group, use the font style dropdown to choose a new font.

(1bi) A 1.44 MB floppy disk drive refers to the storage capacity of the floppy disk drive, capable of holding 1.44 megabytes of data.

(1bii) The 20 GB hard disk indicates the storage capacity of the hard drive, which can hold 20 gigabytes of data.

(1biii) An 18″ SVGA monitor means that the monitor has an 18-inch screen size and uses Super Video Graphics Array (SVGA) technology, providing high-quality graphics.

(1biv) “Microsoft Windows 7 Pro” refers to the operating system installed on the computer. It is a version of the Windows 7 operating system designed for professional use, with additional features compared to the standard editions.

(1bv) Compatibility mode in MS-Word allows you to open and work with documents created in earlier versions of Microsoft Word that may have compatibility issues with the version you are currently using. It helps ensure that older documents can be edited without losing formatting or data.



(i) Select the cell where you want the total scorefor maths to be displayed.
(ii) Enter the formula =SUM(C3:C7) in that selected cell.
(iii) Press Enter.


(i) Select the cell where you want the average score to be displayed.
(ii) Enter the formula = AVERAGE(D4:G4) in that selected cell.
(iii) Press Enter.

D5 – E5

D4 / B4

(i) Line graph
(ii) Bar graph

(i) Data entry and management
(ii) Data sorting and filtering
(iii) Data visualization through graphs and charts
(iv) What-if analysis and scenario planning

Automatic recalculation in a spreadsheet refers to the feature that automatically updates all formulas and calculations whenever a data or formula input is changed.

SUM(A2:A7, A10) in a spreadsheet will calculate the sum of the values in cells A2 to A7 and add it to the value in cell A10.

(i) Select cells C1:F1.
(ii) Right-click and select “Merge Cells” from the context menu.
(iii) The cells will be merged into a single cell and the content from the leftmost cell (C1) will be retained.

A – Input device
B – Arithmetic & Logic unit
C – Control unit
D – Storage Device

Check the diagram below

(i) The control unit interprets the instructions fetched from memory and decodes them into a series of control signals that activate the appropriate components to carry out the instructions.
(ii) The control unit is responsible for fetching instructions from memory and executing them one by one. It coordinates the activities of all other components to ensure that instructions are executed in the correct sequence and at the appropriate time.

(i) keyboard
(ii) Mouse

(i) Reduced Growth Rates
(ii) Poor Reproductive Performance
(iii) Weight Loss and Emaciation
(iv) Increased Susceptibility to Diseases

(i) Calcium
(ii) Phosphorus

Stud Mating involves the controlled mating of a male animal (stud) with a female in a specific breeding environment. while Pen Mating involves allowing a group of females to freely associate with a male (kept in the same pen or enclosure).

Line Breeding involves breeding animals within the same genetic line or family to concentrate desirable traits. while Cross Breeding involves mating animals from different breeds or genetic lines.

(i) Poor Water Quality
(ii) Overcrowding
(iii) Unbalanced diet

(i) Beeswax
(ii) Propolis
(iii) Royal Jelly



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