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Physics Past Questions v45 for (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)

Physics Past Questions v45 For (JAMB/WAEC/NECO)

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#1. If the volume of a gas increases steadily as the temperature decreases at constant pressure, the gas obeys

#2. In homes, electrical appliances and lamps are connected in parallel because

#3. Two resistors 5Ω and 10Ω are arranged first in series and later in parallel to a 24V source, the ratio of total power dissipated in the series and parallel arrangements respectively is

#4. The bond between silicon and germanium is

#5. An image in a convex lens is upright and magnified 3 times. If the focal length of the lens is 15 cm, what is the object distance?

#6. A length of wire has a frequency of 255Hz when stretched by a force of b225N. If the fore increased to 324N, what is the new frequency of vibration

#7. In the circuit above, three resistors, 2Ω, 4Ω and 12Ω are connected in parallel and a 12V battery is connected across the combination. The current flowing through the 12Ω resistors is

A) 14.4 A

B) 1.0 A

C) 3.2 A

D) 9.6 A

#8. The diagram above shows two vectors at right angles to each other. The value of the resultant vector is

A) 14.0 N

B) 10.0 N

C) 12.0 N

D) 13.0 N

#9. The diagram above show the positions of a cone. The position which can be described as neutral equilibrium is represented as

A) Z only

B) X only

C) Y and Z

D) Y and X

#10. The correct expression for the potential at a point distance r from a charge q in an electric field is

#11. The electrical properties of germanium can be altered drastically by the addition of impurity. This process is referred to as

#12. If the threshold frequency for tungsten is 1.3 x 1015Hz, what is its work function? [H = 6.6 x 10-34 Js]

#13. Which of the following will be applied when a metal Y is used to electroplate another metal X in electrolysis?

#14. Under which of the following conditions do gases conduct electricity?

#15. Two inductors of inductance 4 II and 8 II are arrange in series and a current of 10 A is passed through them. What is the energy stored in them?

#16. Which of the following materials has an increase in resistance with temperature?

#17. The bond between silicon and germanium is

#18. A radioactive isotope has a decay constant of 10-5s4. Calculate half life

#19. A certain far – sighted person cannot see object that are closer to the eye than 50 cm clearly. Determine the power of the converging lens which will enable him to see at 25 cm

#20. The eclipse of the sun occurs when the

#21. Which of the following is a property of steel?

#22. In measuring high frequency a.c, the instrument used is the

#23. If the charge of electricity is K wh is N4, what is the cost of operating an electrical appliance rated 250 V, 2 A for six hours?

#24. I. change of state II. Diffusion III. Radiation IV. Osmosis Which of the processes above can be explained using the kinetic theory?

#25. Three similar cells each of e.m.f 2 v and internal resistance 2Ω are connected in parallel, the total e.m.f and total internal resistance are respectively

#26. When the human eye loses its power of accomodation, the defect is known as

#27. When a red rose flower is observed in blue light, what colour does the observer see?

#28. The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor is 20 μf in air and 60 μf in the presence of a dielectric. What is the dielectric constant?

#29. The ground is always cold at night because the

#30. A cannon is fired from town X, after how long is the sound heard at a town Y 4.95 km away? [velocity of sound in the air = 330 ms-1]

#31. The phenomenon that shows that increase in pressure lowers the melting point can be observed in

#32. Steam burn is more severe than that of boiling water because

#33. I. Density of the liquid. II. Depth below the surface of the liquid. III. Surface area of the liquid. In which of the statement above will pressure be dependent?

#34. Which of the following could be effectively used to reduce friction?

#35. Which of the following types of waves needs a medium for propagation?

#36. Which of the following electromagnetic waves has the highest frequency?

#37. A perfect emitter or absorber of radiant energy is a

#38. A machine is used to lift a load of 20 N through a height of 10 m. if the efficiency of the machine is 40%, how much work is done?

#39. An object weighs 22 kg in water and 30kg in air. what is the upthrust exerted by the liquid on the object. [g = 10 ms2]

#40. A metal of volume 40 cm3 is heated from 30 °c to 90 °c, the increase in volume is

#41. A copper wire was subjected to a tensile stress of 7.7 x 107 x 10 Nm-2. calculate strain of the wire. [young modules = 1.1 x 1011 Nm-2]

#42. I. High thermal capacity. II. High sensitivity. III.Easy readability. IV. Accuracy over a wide range of temperature From the statement above, the qualities of a good thermometer are

#43. Two balls X and Y weighing 5 g and 50 kg respectively were throne up vertically at the same time with a velocity of 100 ms1 .How will their positions be one second later?

#44. If it takes an object 3s to fall freely to the ground from a certain height, what is the distance covered by the object?

#45. An object of mass 2 kg moves with a velocity of 10 ms1 round at circle of radius 4 m. Calculate the centripetal force on the object

#46. A carpenter on top of a roof of 20.0m high dropped a hammer of mass 1.5 kg and it fell directly to the ground. the kinetic energy of the hammer just before hitting the ground is? [g = 10 ms-2]

#47. If a tube of small radius opened at both ends is placed in a liquid, the liquid will

#48. A man standing on a lift that is descending does not feel any weight because

#49. A block of aluminum is heated electrically by a 25 W heater. if the temperature rises by 10°C in 5 minutes, the heat capacity of the aluminum is?



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