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University of Ibadan 2024 Admission: Scoring High With WAEC Exams

You’re looking to score high on your WAEC exams and wondering how to gain admission to the prestigious University of Ibadan. With competition fierce, you need every advantage to get your foot in the door at this top Nigerian university. Don’t stress – we’ve got your back. In this article, you’ll discover tried and true strategies to ace those WAEC tests across all subjects. We’ll walk through creating a rock-solid study plan, leveraging the best prep resources, and mastering exam day. You’ll learn insider tips and tricks from UI students who have been in your shoes. We know you’ve got what it takes to get into your dream school. Just follow our advice and you’ll be well on your way to joining the UI Class of 2024

Overview of University of Ibadan Admission Requirements

General Requirements

To gain admission into the University of Ibadan, you need to meet some general requirements. First, you must have at least five credits in not more than two sittings in WAEC or NECO exams, including English Language and Mathematics. subjects. Secondly, you need to take the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and score at least 180 points. The higher your score, the better your chances.

Faculty-Specific Requirements

In addition to the general requirements, each faculty has its own admission criteria. For instance, to study Law, you need to have at least five credits in Arts or Social Science subjects in WAEC or NECO. For Medicine, you need credits in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English. Engineering requires credits in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and any other two Science subjects.

Post-UTME Screening

After taking UTME, you have to participate in the post-UTME screening conducted by the University of Ibadan. The screening helps determine candidates that will be admitted. It comprises of a written examination in some required subjects as well as an oral interview. Your performance in the post-UTME screening, in addition to your UTME score and O-level results, will determine whether or not you gain admission.

Other Considerations

Admission into the University of Ibadan is highly competitive, so you need to aim for excellence to stand a chance. Make sure you understand the admission requirements for your course of choice and work hard to obtain the best grades possible in the required subjects. Prepare well for UTME and the post-UTME screening. With hard work, diligence and God’s grace, you can gain admission into Nigeria’s premier university.

Strategies for Scoring High on Your WAEC Exams

To get into UI, you’ll need to ace your WAEC exams. The competition is fierce, so you’ll want to employ some tactics to boost your scores.

Focus on your weak areas

Review past exams and workbooks to identify subjects or topics you struggle with. Then create a study plan to strengthen your understanding. Ask your teachers or a tutor for extra help if needed. With practice and persistence, you can conquer any weaknesses.

Learn proper studying techniques

Simply reading over your notes won’t cut it. Use active studying methods like summarizing key ideas out loud, drawing diagrams to visualize concepts, or teaching the material to someone else. These techniques will engage your mind and make the information stick.

Take regular practice tests

Practice tests are the best way to prepare for the actual exams. Work through real past papers from WAEC to get familiar with the format and experience. Check your answers to see where you need to improve. Over time, your scores will increase and your confidence will soar.

Stay focused and determined

Preparing for exams is not easy, so it’s important to maintain motivation. Take short breaks when you feel burnt out and then re-focus your efforts. Think about your goals and why you want to get into UI. Staying determined and committed will help you push through challenges, and you’ll develop the mental toughness required to excel on exam day.

With hard work and the right techniques, you can achieve your dream of attending the University of Ibadan. Stay dedicated in your studies and don’t lose hope! If you follow these tips, you’ll be scoring high on your WAEC exams in no time.

Subjects to Focus on for University of Ibadan Admission

To gain admission into the University of Ibadan, you need to perform exceptionally well in certain subjects in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). Focusing on the subjects that UI considers important for your intended course of study will significantly boost your chances.

English Language

As Nigeria’s premier university, UI expects applicants to have a strong command of the English language.Aim for an A1 or B2 in English Language to meet the minimum admission requirement. Reading widely, learning new vocabulary and idioms, and practicing essay writing will strengthen your English skills.


Whether you want to study sciences, arts or social sciences, Mathematics is a prerequisite subject for admission into UI. Work hard to score at least a B3 in Mathematics to qualify for admission. Solve past questions, understand mathematical concepts and formulas, and get help from math tutors to prepare adequately for the exam.

Relevant Science Subjects

If you wish to study courses like Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering or Agriculture, you need to obtain good grades in the science subjects relevant to your intended course of study. For example, Chemistry and Biology are required for Medicine; Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology for Engineering; and Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science for Agriculture. Focus on understanding scientific concepts and principles, not just memorizing facts.

Arts and Social Science Subjects

For courses in the Arts, Law, Social Sciences, and Management, aim for a minimum of B3 in subjects like Government, History, Literature in English, Commerce, and Economics. Read newspapers, academic journals, and magazines to stay up to date with current affairs, issues, and trends in these areas of study.

Scoring high in these key subjects in WASSCE will significantly increase your chances of gaining admission into your desired course of study at the University of Ibadan. Stay determined and do not lose focus. With hard work and perseverance, you can achieve your goal of becoming a UI student.

Extracurriculars and Experiences That Impress UI Admissions

To gain admission into the prestigious University of Ibadan, scoring high in your WAEC exams is just the beginning. UI also considers your experiences and activities outside the classroom. Building an impressive list of extracurriculars shows your diverse interests and talents.


Participating in sports is an excellent way to demonstrate teamwork, leadership, and physical fitness to UI admissions. Join your school’s football, basketball or volleyball team. If you have a particular skill in a sport, look for opportunities to compete at regional or national levels. Mention any awards or accomplishments in your application.

Clubs and Organizations

Joining clubs and student organizations allows you to explore your interests with like-minded peers. UI will be impressed by leadership roles in these groups, so consider running for officer positions. Get involved in organizations related to your future area of study, such as Science Club, Debating Society or Red Cross Club. Starting a new club to address an unmet need at your school will really stand out.


Giving back to your community through volunteering shows your compassion and dedication. Look for opportunities to volunteer with local charities, places of worship, hospitals or youth organizations. Mention the causes you care about and the impact you made through your volunteer work in your application. Long-term or ongoing volunteer commitments are especially meaningful.


Gaining experience in your field of interest through an internship or apprenticeship is valuable for your professional development and UI application. Look for programs sponsored by large companies, non-profits or government organizations in areas like medicine, engineering, business, education, etc. Discuss how you contributed to the organization and what skills you developed during your internship.

Building an impressive list of extracurriculars and experiences requires diligent effort over time. However, the rewards of a well-rounded application and the opportunity to attend a top school like UI make all the hard work worthwhile. Focus on activities that ignite your passions and allow your talents to shine through.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using WAEC for University of Ibadan Admission

How important are my WAEC results for University of Ibadan admission?

Your WAEC exam results are very important for gaining admission into the University of Ibadan. UI considers your WAEC scores, along with your JAMB scores, during the admission selection process. Candidates with higher scores in core WAEC subjects like English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics are more likely to be admitted. So aim for the highest scores you can in these subjects.

What WAEC subjects should I register for?

To maximize your chances of admission into UI, register for and do well in the core science subjects. These include:

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

You should also consider taking elective subjects like Economics, Geography, Agricultural Science, and Technical Drawing based on your course interests and strengths. The more relevant subjects you take, the better your chances.

What are the admission cut-off marks for WAEC results?

UI does not publish an official cut-off mark for WAEC results. However, based on past admission data, candidates with higher scores, especially in the core subjects, have a higher chance of admission. Aim for:

  • A1-C6 in English Language
  • A1-C6 in Mathematics
  • A1-C6 in three other relevant science subjects

These scores, combined with a high JAMB score, will make you a competitive candidate for admission into most courses at UI. The actual cut-off marks may vary from year to year based on several factors. So do your best to score as high as possible.

Can I use WAEC and JAMB combination for admission?

Yes, UI considers both your WAEC and JAMB results when reviewing applications. Your JAMB score must meet the minimum cut-off mark for your chosen course. But your WAEC results, especially in relevant subjects, are also important and can strengthen your application. The higher your scores in both exams, the better your chances of gaining admission.

So prepare well for both your WAEC and JAMB exams. Study hard, understand the syllabus, work through past questions, and you’ll maximize your chances of getting into your dream university. Best of luck!


So there you have it. With smart preparation and focus on your strengths, getting into UI in 2024 through WAEC is totally doable. Remember to manage your time during the exams, stay calm, and do your best. Getting into your dream school takes effort but you’ve got what it takes. Visualize success, work hard, and keep your eyes on the prize. The future is yours if you want it – go make it happen. You got this!



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