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2025 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation in Engineering: Nominate Now

Have you ever wondered who stands behind the most groundbreaking engineering feats that shape our world? The 2025 Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation in Engineering is here to spotlight these unsung heroes. This prestigious award, with a £500,000 prize, honours engineers whose work benefits humanity globally. Curious about how you can nominate a deserving engineer? Let’s dive into the details!

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation in Engineering

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation in Engineering is now accepting applications for 2025. This prestigious award seeks to honour remarkable engineering achievements from around the world. The QEPrize invites public nominations, celebrating a diverse range of innovations across all engineering sectors, with nominators encouraged from every corner of the globe. The award, however, does not allow self-nominations or posthumous nominations.

Prize £500,000
Scope Global
Criteria Groundbreaking Innovation
Benefit Global Impact
‍ Nominees Up to 10 Engineers
Deadline 7 June 2024
Process Online Nominations
Restrictions No Self or Posthumous Nominations

Prize Details

The QEPrize offers an impressive £500,000 reward, making it the world’s most prestigious engineering accolade. This prize is awarded to up to 10 engineers who have contributed to a bold and groundbreaking engineering innovation that provides a significant benefit to humanity on a global scale.

Selection Criteria

The esteemed judges will evaluate nominations based on the following criteria:

  • Groundbreaking Innovation: What is the specific engineering innovation achieved by the nominee(s)?
  • Global Benefit: How has this innovation positively impacted humanity worldwide?
  • Contributors: Are there other individuals who might also claim a pivotal role in the development?

Nomination Process

Before beginning the nomination process, it is essential to review the Prize Rules & Conditions. Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Online Management: All nominations are handled online.
  2. Nominee Notification: Nominees will receive an email notification of their nomination.
  3. Referee Support: Referees will be invited to support the nomination by submitting their references on the website.
  4. Judging: Eligible and completed nominations will be forwarded to the judges for consideration.

Nominations Checklist

To ensure a comprehensive nomination, consider the following:

  • Global Impact: Does the innovation have a worldwide impact?
  • Responsible Engineers: Can you identify up to 10 engineers responsible for the innovation?
  • Information Sufficiency: Do you have enough information to make a strong case for the nomination?
  • Referees: Can you identify at least two people familiar enough with the innovation to act as referees?

For More Information

For further details and to submit your nomination, visit the Official Webpage of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Innovation in Engineering.

Application Deadline: 7 June 2024


The QEPrize represents an unparalleled opportunity to recognise and celebrate engineering innovations that have made a profound global impact. By participating in the nomination process, you contribute to honouring the exceptional engineers whose work has the potential to shape a better future for humanity. Seize this chance to spotlight groundbreaking engineering achievements and inspire the next generation of innovators.



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