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Jamb 2024 cbt Questions and Answers 19th of April Expo

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So, you’re in your final year of secondary school and about to pick your subject combination for the JAMB exam next year. The choices can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re a science student. You want a balanced selection that will keep lots of options open for university, but will also maximize your chances of excelling in the exam. Where do you start?


Why Choosing the Right Subject Combination Matters for JAMB

Choosing the right subject combination for JAMB can make a big difference in your scores and admission chances. As a science student, you have many good options, but some are better than others.

First, consider subjects you enjoy and are good at. If you love Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the natural combination is PCB. This opens you up to courses like Medicine, Pharmacy and Biochemistry. If you prefer Maths and Physics, PCM is great for Engineering, Computer Science and Architecture.

Second, check admission requirements for your target schools and courses. Many require certain combos like PCM for Engineering or PCB for Medicine. Choosing the right subjects for your goals will put you in a good spot.

Third, consider subject difficulty and your strengths. PCM and PCB are quite challenging, while some arts subjects may boost your chances. You could take CRS — Civic Education, Religious Studies and Social Studies, for example. But don’t take too many easy subjects, or schools may doubt your ability to handle their programs.

Finally, prepare very well for your chosen subjects. Focus on understanding concepts and practicing past questions. The subjects you choose matter little if you don’t have a strong grasp of the materials and the skills to excel in them.

With the right subject combination, preparation and hard work, you’ll maximize your chances of gaining admission to your top choice schools. The rewards will be worth the effort. Choose wisely, prepare relentlessly, and success will be yours!

Top Subject Combos for Science Students in 2024 JAMB CBT

As a science student, you have many subject combinations to choose from for the 2024 JAMB CBT. The top ones to consider are:

Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics (CHM/BIO/PHY/MAT)

This combo covers the core science subjects and math, providing a solid science foundation. You’ll develop analytical and problem-solving skills useful for science careers like medicine, engineering and research.

Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science and Mathematics (CHM/BIO/AGS/MAT)

Ideal for those interested in agricultural science, food science or environmental science. You’ll get a mix of chemistry, biology and math with the applied agricultural science subject. This opens up careers in farming, food production and land management.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics (PHY/CHM/MAT/FUR MAT)

For the math and physics inclined, this combination maximizes your options for courses in engineering, computer science and other math-intensive fields. The further math subject allows you to study additional math topics to better prepare for university studies.

With the right subject combo, you’ll be on the path to an exciting science career. Think about your interests and strengths, then choose subjects that will give you the knowledge and skills to pursue your goals. Talk to teachers or a school counselor if you need more guidance. The most important thing is that you pick what’s right for you. With hard work and the will to succeed, the 2024 JAMB CBT will be yours for the taking!

Combining Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math

As a science student, choosing subject combinations that complement each other well can set you up for success in your JAMB exam. Three subjects that work great together are:

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

These three subjects form the core of the natural sciences and share some overlap in content. Studying them together will allow you to make connections across topics and gain a more integrated understanding of scientific concepts and principles.

For example, in physics you’ll learn about the behavior and properties of matter and energy, which provides essential background knowledge for chemistry. Chemistry builds on this by exploring how matter changes and interacts at the molecular level. And biology applies concepts from both physics and chemistry to living systems and organisms.

By choosing this combination, you’ll be exposed to a breadth of scientific knowledge and ways of thinking that will serve you well on the JAMB exam. The subjects reinforce each other, so you’ll find it easier to understand ideas in one subject with your knowledge from the others. You’ll also develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills that are broadly applicable.

Math is another useful fourth subject to combine with these three sciences. Math skills like algebra, geometry, and statistics are used extensively in physics, chemistry, and biology. Studying math alongside the sciences will allow you to apply what you’re learning in math to real-world contexts. It will also strengthen your quantitative reasoning ability, which is essential for any science student.

With the right amount of hard work and practice, this combination of physics, chemistry, biology, and math will provide an excellent scientific foundation and maximize your chances of success on the JAMB exam. The knowledge and skills you gain will benefit you for years to come in your university studies and career.

Considering English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

When choosing your subject combination for the 2024 JAMB exam as a science student, four important subjects to consider are English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


English is a compulsory subject for all candidates. Focus on studying grammar, vocabulary building, and reading comprehension. Read fiction and non-fiction books, newspapers, and blogs to expand your knowledge and better understand how to interpret texts.


Physics explains natural phenomena in an objective manner. Study motion, forces, energy, heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and modern physics. Understand concepts like acceleration, velocity, momentum, work, power, resistance, fields, and waves. Gaining a solid foundation in physics will benefit you in many science and technology fields.


Chemistry is the study of matter at the atomic and molecular level. Learn about elements, compounds, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, acids and bases, organic chemistry, and analytical techniques. Chemistry provides essential knowledge for careers in medicine, engineering, and other sciences.


Biology focuses on living organisms and life processes. Study cell biology, genetics, evolution, human anatomy and physiology, botany, and zoology. Develop an understanding of the diversity of life, how species interact with one another and the environment, the mechanisms of heredity, and the functions of the human body. Biology complements the physical sciences and is integral to many science and health-related careers.

Choosing the right subject combination depends on your interests and career aspirations. For a well-rounded science education, I would recommend taking English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Focus on fully understanding concepts and practicing many past questions. With hard work and persistence, you will excel in the 2024 JAMB exam.

Tips for Picking Your Best Subject Combination

Picking the right subject combination for your JAMB exam can feel overwhelming with so many options. Here are some tips to help you choose a combination you’ll excel in and enjoy:

Follow your interests

Select subjects you find most interesting and engaging. If you love biology, consider pairing it with chemistry, mathematics or physics. Enjoying what you study will make preparing for and taking the exam less stressful.

Play to your strengths

Choose subjects you are good at and confident in. If you have a knack for mathematics or languages, pick combinations emphasizing those skills. Doing well in the subjects you’re strongest in will boost your overall score.

Consider university requirements

Think about what you want to study in university and choose subjects that will qualify you for relevant courses. For engineering, mathematics, physics and chemistry are useful. For medicine, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics are ideal. Selecting subjects that meet university prerequisites for your intended program of study will put you in a good position for admission.

Explore career options

Learn about the subject requirements for careers you’re interested in. Subjects like mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology will prepare you for many science-based careers. Finding the right subject mix for your dream job will help you pursue the necessary qualifications.

Talk to others

Discuss options with teachers, parents, and others currently in university. Get advice from those with experience taking the JAMB exam or in programs of study that interest you. Speaking to others can provide helpful guidance and insights into making this important choice.

With thoughtful consideration of your interests, strengths, career goals and university aspirations, you can choose a subject combination for JAMB 2024 that will set you up for success. The key is finding the combination that is just right for you.


So there you have it, the best subject combinations for science students to consider for the 2024 JAMB CBT. Focus on what you enjoy and are good at, pick a potential career, and choose subjects that will give you a strong foundation to pursue that path. Don’t feel limited by stereotypes or what others expect — follow your passions and interests. You have so much amazing potential, and the subjects you choose now can help unlock opportunities for your future. Believe in yourself and go after what will motivate and inspire you. The key is balancing challenge with enjoyment. With the right mindset and preparation, you’ve got this! Now get out there and start planning — your future is yours to shape.



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