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Join Umi’s 2024 Mentorship Program for Mums of African Descent

Umi Mentorship Program

You may have heard about the transformative opportunities offered by the Umi Mentorship Program, a pioneering initiative that began in June 2023. Its primary goal is to assist new mothers and mums of children under three years of age in enhancing their roles as mothers, partners, and professionals. This unique program has already made a significant impact, creating a bridge of support and guidance for mums in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Program Reach UK, Nigeria, South Africa
Target Audience Mums of African Descent
Child Age Limit 0-3 Years
Program Duration Feb 1 – Apr 30, 2024
⏰ Application Deadline Dec 31, 2023
Mentorship Focus Motherhood, Professional Growth
Benefits Experienced Mentors, Career Support

Benefits of Joining the Program

The Umi Mentorship Program is not just another support group; it is a lifeline for mothers seeking to balance their personal and professional lives. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Personalized Mentorship: Each selected mentee is paired with an experienced mum and professional. These mentors have traversed similar paths, offering invaluable insight and support.
  • Career and Family Growth: The program focuses on empowering you to excel in your career while nurturing your children effectively.
  • Exclusive Community Access: Join a private community of mums who are on similar journeys. This network provides a safe space for sharing experiences and advice.

Who Can Apply?

Eligibility for this program is quite specific:

  • You must be of African descent, residing either within the continent or in the diaspora.
  • You should be the biological mother of a child aged between 0 and 3 years.
  • A commitment to personal growth as a mum and a professional is essential.
  • Full participation in the three-month mentorship program is required.

How to Apply

Timing is Crucial: The next cohort runs from February 1, 2024, to April 30, 2024. Note that the application deadline is December 31, 2023, at 11:59 pm, applicable globally.

Application Process: To apply, simply visit Umi Mentorship Program Application.

For additional information about the program, please visit Umi Mentorship.

Don’t Miss the Deadline: Remember, the cut-off date is December 31, 2023. This is a unique opportunity to join a community that understands and supports your dual role as a mother and a professional.

The Umi Mentorship Program is more than just a mentorship initiative; it’s a movement towards empowering mothers of African descent. Embrace this chance to grow, connect, and become the best version of yourself both at home and in your career.



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