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NABTEB Results for 2023/2024 School Candidates is out…

what this means is, if you took the NABTEB May/June exam, you can now go to the JAMB portal to check your results. It was released on Tuesday, 10th October, 2023

Image of NABTEB Result

Image of NABTEB Result

What You Need To Check NABTEB Result

To check your NABTEB result, you will need to meet certain requirements to be successful, which include:

1. A device that can connect with the internet (Personal computer or Android Phone) or Send SMS.

2. NABTEB E-pin/Scratch Card (This e-pin contains the PIN you’ll need to provide when you check your NABTEB result).

3. Your NABTEB Examination Number (You can either check your NABTEB ID card or visit the school where you took your NABTEB exam to get it back).

4. DATA (for those using the Online method) or Credit of at least N50 (for those using the SMS method)

5. The “Technical Know How.”

How To Check NABTEB Result

Right now, there are two ways to check your May/June NABTEB Result, and these methods include:

  • Using the Result Online checking Portal
  • Checking NABTEB Result through ‘SMS’ Method

No matter which method you decide to use, they all lead to the same result, as long as you meet the requirements I listed earlier.

How To check Your NABTEB Result Online

To see your NABTEB 2023 result on the Online checking Portal, follow the steps below:

Estimated Time For This 5 minutes

1. Visit NABTEB Result Checking Portal

NABTEB Online Result Checker

On your mobile phone or computer, open your web browser, (preferably Chrome), and go to

You will be taken to a result-checking page that looks like the image above.

2. Enter Your ‘Examination Number’

Nabteb Candidate Examination Number

This is the number your exam center or school gave you, and you filled it on all your exam papers during the exam.

3. Select ‘Examination Type’

NABTEB Exam type

Here, you can pick from these options: MAY/JUNE, NOV/DEC, Modular (March), Modular (December), and Modular (June). In this case choose ‘May/June’

4. Supply Your ‘Examination Year’

NABTEB Exam year

Be sure that the year you select matches the year when you wrote your NABTEB exam. For example, if you took the exam in 2020 and want to check your result now, choose 2020. If you wrote it this year, use 2023.

5. Enter Your ‘Pin And Card Serial Number’

NABTEB Serial number and Pin Exangreat 1 jpg

The PIN and serial number are found on your NABTEB Scratch card. You can use this combination only five times, and after that, you’ll need to get a new one.

When Will NABTEB Release Withheld Result?

In situations where NABTEB suspects a student of cheating in the exam, the student’s result will be withheld.

However, when results are withheld, it doesn’t mean they will not be released to you. If you’re lucky and it’s shown that you didn’t participate in exam malpractice, your result will be made released.

But the exact time for this is not clear; it might take a month or two, and there’s no guarantee. But saying a prayer wouldn’t hurt.

NABTEB Result Grading System

NABTEB grade point is a little bit different from that of WAEC and NECO.

A2 in NABTEB means B2
A3 in NABTEB Means B3
P7 in NABTEB means D7
P8 in NABTEB mean E8.



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