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UNIBEN Admission Guide: Using Your WAEC Result to Get In

You’ve been waiting for your WAEC results and wondering how they will impact your chance of getting into UNIBEN. Admission into your dream university can feel like an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right strategy and mindset, you can leverage your WAEC grades, no matter what they are, to gain admission into UNIBEN. In this guide, you’ll get insider tips to make the most of your exam results, understand the admission criteria, and take the necessary steps to submit a winning application. Dreaming of being a UNIBEN student? Read on to learn how to get there using your WAEC results as a springboard.


Understanding the UNIBEN Admission Requirements

To gain admission into UNIBEN, you’ll need to meet their minimum admission requirements. First, you’ll need a minimum of five credits in not more than two sittings in relevant subjects at the WASSCE, NECO or NABTEB. The subjects should include English Language, Mathematics, and three other relevant subjects to your chosen course of study.

Choosing the Right Subjects

For science courses, the three other subjects should be from the sciences like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Agricultural Science, Further Mathematics, etc. For arts courses, the three other subjects should be from the arts like Literature in English, Government, Economics, Commerce, Geography, etc. Make sure the subjects you choose are relevant to your intended course of study.

Meeting the Cut-off Mark

UNIBEN sets their cut-off mark for different courses every year. To gain admission, you need to score equal to or above the cut-off mark for your chosen course. The cut-off mark varies but is usually around 200 for most courses. Some highly competitive courses like Medicine, Law, and Engineering may have higher cut-off marks, so you need to work extra hard to achieve the required scores.

Benefiting from Catchment Area and Quota System

UNIBEN considers candidates from their catchment area – Edo and Delta states. They also implement the quota system by reserving some spaces for candidates from educationally disadvantaged states. If you’re from any of these areas, you stand a higher chance of gaining admission even with a score slightly below the cut-off mark.

Gaining admission into UNIBEN is competitive, but with the right subject combination, meeting their cut-off mark and possibly benefiting from their catchment area, you stand a good chance of securing your admission. Work hard and stay determined.

What WAEC Results Do You Need for UNIBEN Admission?

To gain admission into UNIBEN, you’ll need a minimum of five WAEC subjects with credit passes in three subjects including English Language. The subjects you choose depend on your course of study. For science-based courses like medicine or engineering, you’ll want to focus on the core science subjects. For arts, social sciences or law, choose subjects like Government, Civic Education and Literature-in-English.

Core Science Subjects

For science-based courses, you’ll want to take Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Credit passes in at least two of these subjects will make you a competitive candidate for programs like medicine, pharmacy, nursing or computer science. Higher scores in these subjects will also open you up to scholarships and admissions into higher choice courses.

Arts and Social Science Subjects

If you’re interested in arts, law or social sciences, focus on subjects like Government, History, Civic Education, IRS, and Christian Religious Studies. Aim for strong scores in at least three of these subjects to gain admission into programs like Law, Sociology, Political Science or Philosophy.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Whether science or arts, to even be considered for UNIBEN admission, you need a minimum of five WAEC subjects including English Language with credit level passes in three subjects. Your WAEC results must not be more than two sittings. UNIBEN also considers your UTME scores, so you’ll want to aim for a high score there as well, especially for competitive courses.

Meeting the minimum won’t guarantee you admission, especially for popular courses. Focus on getting the best grades possible in your WAEC to stand out. With the right scores and preparation, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a UNIBEN student!

Maximizing Your Chances With a Good WAEC Result

A good WAEC result is your ticket to getting into UNIBEN. To maximize your chances, focus on three key areas: your core subjects, extracurriculars, and personal statement.

Excel in Your Core Subjects

UNIBEN will consider your scores in core subjects like English, Mathematics, and at least three other relevant subjects for your course of study. Aim for ‘A’s or ‘B’s in these to prove your academic abilities. If needed, get a tutor or study group to help boost your grades.

Build Your Extracurricular Profile

Admission officers want to see that you’re a well-rounded student. Participate in clubs, sports teams, volunteer work, internships, or school organizations to strengthen your application. Holding leadership positions in these activities can further highlight your potential.

Craft a Compelling Personal Statement

Your personal statement allows the admission committee to get to know you beyond your grades and scores. Share what motivates and interests you, your future goals, and how the university can help you achieve them. Discuss experiences that have shaped you as a person. Explain any dips in your academic performance. Pour your heart into this essay to give them a glimpse into your character and potential.

Following these tips will put you in a great position to gain admission into UNIBEN. Study hard, build your experience, and tell your story with passion. With the right preparation and persistence, you’ll be walking through the gates of your dream school in no time! Stay focused on your goals and don’t get discouraged. You’ve got this!

Applying to UNIBEN With Your WAEC Result

To gain admission into UNIBEN with your WAEC result, you first need to meet the minimum requirements. For most programs, UNIBEN requires at least 5 credits including English Language and Mathematics. Once you’ve checked that your results meet the requirements, it’s time to start your application.

Submit an Application

Head to UNIBEN’s website and submit an application for admission. You’ll have to provide information like your personal details, choice of program, and WAEC registration number. UNIBEN will use your registration number to verify your WAEC results. The application fee is usually around ₦5,000.

Check Your Admission Status

After applying, constantly check your admission status on the UNIBEN website. If your application is successful, you’ll receive information on acceptance and next steps for enrollment and registration. If your application is declined, don’t lose hope! You can explore other options like re-sitting some WAEC subjects to improve your scores or choosing a different program.

Complete Your Enrollment

If accepted, you’ll need to complete your enrollment to reserve your spot in the new class. This includes steps like accepting your offer of admission, paying acceptance and tuition fees, attending orientation, and registering for classes. The entire enrollment process can take 4 to 6 weeks, so start as early as possible.

Using your WAEC result to gain admission into UNIBEN is straightforward as long as you meet the minimum requirements and follow the necessary steps. While waiting to enroll, you can prepare by obtaining all required documents, sorting out funding and accommodation, and getting ready for this new chapter of your life. If you have any other questions about applying to UNIBEN, check with the school’s admissions office. They want to see you succeed and will be happy to guide you through the process.

UNIBEN Admission FAQs: Answering Common Questions

How do I calculate my UNIBEN cut-off mark?

Your WAEC results determine if you meet UNIBEN’s cut-off mark for your chosen course. To calculate your score, add up your grades in the five required subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The minimum cut-off mark for most courses is 200 and above. The higher your score, the better your chances of gaining admission.

What if I don’t have the required subjects?

Don’t worry, you still have a chance! UNIBEN also considers your O’level grades, your UTME score, any additional qualifications, and may offer you a pre-degree program. This helps ensure you have the necessary background before starting your degree.

When will UNIBEN release admission lists?

UNIBEN releases admission lists in batches, usually starting in October. The first lists are for those who chose UNIBEN as their first choice in UTME and scored very high. Subsequent lists are released through January. Check the UNIBEN website and admission portal regularly for updates. If offered admission, you must accept within the stated timeframe to secure your spot.

What documents do I need to upload?

Once offered admission, you must provide several documents to complete your registration. These include:

-Your original WAEC certificate -Birth certificate/age declaration -UTME result slip -Acceptance of admission letter -Evidence of change of name (if applicable) -State of origin certificate -Medical fitness certificate -Passport photograph

You must upload clear, color copies of these documents to the UNIBEN admission portal. Your admission will be conditional until you provide the originals for verification at the start of your program.

Meeting UNIBEN’s admission criteria is the first step. With the right scores, documents and patience, you’ll be on your way to becoming a UNIBEN student! Check the admission portal frequently for updates and lists, and once offered a spot, accept quickly to begin this exciting new chapter of your education.


So there you have it, a step-by-step guide to using your WAEC results to gain admission into UNIBEN. Remember, hitting the minimum requirements doesn’t guarantee you a spot. You’ll still need to apply early and put your best foot forward. But following these tips will maximize your chances of getting into your dream school. The key is to stay focused, work hard, and never give up. You got this! With the right mindset and effort, that UNIBEN acceptance letter can be yours. We believe in you – now go out there and make it happen!



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